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Amy and Matt are two of the most beautifully kind people you will ever meet. EVER. The energy, patience and constant smile that surrounded them was a perfect reminder of it. I will say it is a true testament to how strong a relationship is based fully on the love that surrounds them. And this […]

Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe Wedding, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | Amy & Matt

October 3, 2019


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The ocean holds so many of my favorite memories. From family vacations to internships to just watching the sun rise. It is a place that calms my entire spirt and allows my life to take a pause. With that said, I think I found my sweet spot. The end all be all. One where I […]

Hilton Head Island Wedding, Hilton Head, South Carolina | Reanna & Kyle

September 26, 2019


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Whaaaaat? Did you read that right? New Orleans? Yup. You read that correctly! This May I traveled down to NOLA to capture these two and their families celebrating such a day. SO why am I excited to tell you about a New Orleans wedding? Well let’s say there were TONS of things that us midwestern […]

The Royal Sonesta, New Orleans Wedding | Tomilee & Brian!!

July 26, 2019

Travel, Weddings

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Soo, last year I created a magazine. I decided against a podcast, or a live Youtube stream. Mainly because I don’t have the actual tech-savvyness to conquer that. BUT also I don’t think social media is ready for my extremely uneventful life to accessible across every platform. Why a magazine then? It gives me a […]

MDP Wedding Magazine

July 23, 2019

Creatives, Personal, Weddings

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Update: if you are new here and desire an explanation of what my Wedding Vendor Love Series is allll about – click that link! This week I’m chatting about working with DJ’s + Bands / Reception Entertainment !! In my 7 years of doing this, every SINGLE vendor works his or her butt off! Along […]

Wedding Vendor Love Series: DJ & Band Entertainment

July 12, 2019


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This is something near and dear to my heart, because I’ve realized as I grow older, I use traveling for something more than just to explore new cities. I mentioned it a bit on Lizzie’s podcast – but I’ll reiterate it here for you as well. (If you are here just for the Aruba pics […]

Self-Care while Traveling // Featuring: Aruba!

May 4, 2019

Personal, Travel

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Welp, since we already had our first example with Wedding Florists, I figured I may as well share a little of how this day is INCREDIBLY difficult without these beautiful creatives. First and foremost, a florist enhances the beauty that your day will naturally bring. They can transform a barren table scape into a beautiful […]

Wedding Vendor Love Series: Florists

April 18, 2019


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I don’t normally blog engagement sessions, but this one stole my heart! We woke up at the crack of dawn to see the sunrise over Lake Michigan! Which if you have not done on a trip to Chicago – you MUST do. I mean, sunrises in general, are just incredibly invigorating. AND THEN you put […]

Chicago Puppy Engagement: Lauren, Jordan & Marvel! | Destination Engagement

April 4, 2019

Engagements, Travel

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It took me faaar too long to realize how important it is to work together with other vendors during the wedding process. I used to go into a wedding sticking to my own schedule, with the get in and get what I need mentality. Looking back, I am shocked at how little there was on […]

Wedding Vendor Love: The Series!

March 29, 2019


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My website’s aim is to give clients as much necessary information as possible to make an informed decision. I want them to know who I am and what I offer without any hesitation.  With that said, some questions slip through again and again, regardless of the couple or the inquiry! I listed some of the […]

Six Most Common Wedding Photography FAQ’s

March 19, 2019

Creatives, Engagements, Portraits, Weddings