My portrait sessions have the same aim as my weddings: No posing. All candid. All you! (If my business had a motto, that would be it!)

Since portraits tend to be a tad more structured than weddings, I have tons of fun prompts that help create a natural experience for you. My aim for each session (regardless of which) is to have you enjoy it.

Whether you are hanging out making pancakes with your family, celebrating graduating high-school, or feeling the magic of a proposal, I want you to capture you as you are in that moment!

Portraits are a photographer's way of encapsulating a moment in time. Let's make sure your moments represent YOU!

The candid style!

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GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL? Oh man, this last year is going to FLY by! With college prep to prom, to making sure you have your cap and gown for graduation, let's make your senior photos something you DON'T have to worry about!

Many of my senior sessions happen in the summer / fall, but I offer them year round for those that need it. 



What's included?

1-hour candid & natural session at a location of the senior's choice!
(I have plenty of options if they need help deciding!) 

*As many outfit changes as they desire within that hour.

Imperfections taken care of as well as some images made into black and white.

The finished gallery is an online downloadable album, with the printing rights.

*Proposals are worth capturing. Let me save those precious moments right after you pop the question! Whether you are meeting family for a drink to tell everyone, or just want me to pop out behind the cereal aisle in the grocery store, I'm here for ya and that plan!

*Engagements can definitely be offered outside of my wedding packages. Not engaged yet and just want Couples photos? - These run the same way (sans the ring!). Have a favorite place? Let's go there! It'll be the best date - with me as your third wheel, I promise!!

*Anniversaries are meant to take a moment to acknowledge your relationship, how much you've grown, how much you've laughed, and how much more you love each other! Get back in your dress, cut your cake, or just renew your vows in Scotland! No matter what it is - what a memory to keep! 

Couples, PROPOSALS, Engagements, Anniversaries & Proposals

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Newborns are my newfound favorites! SO many tiny little moments and memories that can occur within that first week of welcoming your little one! Give me a shout once you are home and settled and I'll come capture you all interacting with one another in your nursery, or a well-lit area of your home!



Desire an updated Family Portrait?! Well I definitely offer these! They are very similar to my newborn sessions! Let me know where you feel comfortable gathering your peeps together, and I'll come for 30 minutes and capture your clan! 


What's a 
mdp mini session?

20-30 minutes of a candid & natural session at a location of the your choice!

(Newborn sessions are preferred to be in your home, to make it easiest for you).

The finished gallery is provided in an online downloadable album, with the printing rights.

How long will it take to receive my images?

My aim is to get you THE finished online gallery for proofing at least a week to a week and a half after your session. Please note: with my schedule pending wedding season, this may take less time OR A TAD MORE TIME than anticipated!

how many outfit changes can my senior have?

as many as she/he can fit within the hour! Please keep in mind: wearing clothes that feel comfortable to your senior will help she/he be as confident and natural as possible! 

How early do you book portrait sessions?

Depending on my schedule, and the time of year, please give me at least three weeks notice prior to needing the images. We will make it happen!

Do you like to meet with us before booking?

not necessarily! portraits are an extremely intimate task. It doesn't take long for me to understand who you are and how you all interact. It may feel awkward at first, but we will chat a lot during the session to get to know one another!

do you offer engagements separately as well with your wedding packages?

yes! I offer engagements separately! There is no need to rush into wedding planning if you have time! let's meet and capture some engagement fun while you enjoy this big milestone!! 

what if I have a clan of 40 people?

I got you, don't worry. Some tips do help the session go along smoothly:
*Make sure your family is dressed and prepared prior to the session time. 
*if your family desires to have smaller portraits / different groupings together, please discuss and plan prior to my arrival. 
*A happy smile goes a long way! I know it may seem annoying to have group shots taken, but good spirits always help! 

Do you really not pose?

Haha I really don't pose! I'll make sure that if you are looking at me like a ball of nerves, I'll help you along. for the most part, I want you to be as much yourself as you possibly can! 

why do you only offer mini's for your families and newborns?

i have found over the years that when children are INVOLVED, their attention spans seem to diminish greatly after 10-15 minutes. this gives us a little time, in case we need to run around / play hide and seek or just eat a donut. Mini sessions are a perfect way to capture your little ones without them (or you!) leaving frustrated.

what if my newborn cries the entire time?

i aim to be at your DISCRETION for scheduling newborns. Have me come right after a feeding or even during a nap time. Let the little one rest! If for some reason he/she is having an off day, by all means grab the bottle, rock in the chair, and feed on! There is nothing better than living your natural moments for these photos. Take a deep breath and relax! We got this! 

Can you cut the cost of your packages?

i understand how expensive photography can be, but unfortunately i do not offer discounts at this time. if an hour is too expensive for you, i am happy to offer mini-sessions! 

Deposit? Remainder? Payment Plan?

i do not require a deposit for portraits. the payment is due the day of the session in either check or cash. I can offer you an invoice to pay with a credit card, but there is a processing fee. You will not receive any teasers or galleries in full until the outstanding balance is paid.

do you travel for these sessions?

yes! i'm happy to go wherever you are! whether you are proposing in the mountains of scotland, or taking your FAMILY on a beach vacation to aruba, i am there for you! i do have a travel fee that is attached to any session. So inquire away and we can discuss more! 

most FREQUENTLY Asked questions

2o21 anniversary session

a refuge of

...these photos are nothing short of amazing. I love them so much. That week - right before we moved - I was a bundle of anxiety and to-do lists. And yet somehow you managed to put our little family at ease, and capture our silly love! In a whirlwind of chaos, the morning we shared with you was a refuge of calm and sparkle. I am obsessed with these photos, and thank you so much for everything! 

calm and sparkle

2019 newborn / family session

"She made all the kids

Marissa is the best! Highly recommend. She did a outstanding job on my newborn/family photographs. It is so difficult taking pictures of multiple children and she made all the kids feel comfortable and relaxed!!! Looking forward to multiple photo shoots in the years to come! 5/5 

feel comfortable & relaxeD"

2018 columbus Engagement

"...did an incredible job capturing

I was skeptical about this whole photo session thing like any guy would be, but wow! Marissa Decker did an incredible job of capturing our moments and making me look presentable.
- Jon

We absolutely loved spending last night with Marissa, she is amazing! 💕
- Katy


2018 Cincinnati Engagement

"giving us the most candid shots

Our scavenger hunt turned engagement shoot. Thanks Marissa Decker for following us around as we goofed off, and Kyle tried to be Ron Swanson. We love you so much for doing this with us! -- and for helping me create the surprise (and not laughing when I said we're taking photos at Kroger!). Neither of us wanted the norm, so we can't thank Marissa enough for giving us the most candid shots I've ever seen! 


2018 event

"you just want to hang out with her

Marissa doesn't just capture the moments, she captures the emotions, the look on people's face and all the feels in the room! She is a true professional and you just want to hang out with her all the time! Genuine and friendly, I would recommend hiring Marissa for ANY type of events you want to have lifelong memories of!


Second shooter / mentor session

"I'm beyond happy

Time after time I will sing Marissa Decker's praises. She has been such a blessing this past year. Allowing me to learn from her on wedding days is just a snippet of her kindness. Marissa has shown me that building relationships is crucial in this industry, education never ends + wedding days never ever get old. I'm so beyond happy to work with her. Marissa, you the bomb girl!


2017 business portraits


Marissa is crazy talented and makes everyone feel at ease! Can't say enough about her skills and professionalism!

talented .."

2014 - 2017 Cleveland Event

"4,000+ attendees & she

Marissa is the best to work with. I had the pleasure of having her photograph an event with 4,000+ attendees. She's willing to help however she can and manages to capture wonderful moments in every shot. 10/10. I highly recommend hiring her!

manages to capture wonderful moments in every shot."

2017 anniversary session

"Marissa Decker Photography

We decided to have a photo shoot to celebrate our one year anniversary, and I could not be happier. These pictures make up for every engagement and wedding picture that didn't live up to expectations. Marissa Decker Photography did a PERFECT job. Marissa found a beautiful location, waited for the best lighting and made us feel so comfortable. Her energy was so easy to feed off of. Michael and I had such a fun time playing dress up, eating the top tier of our wedding cake and rocking our Sperrys. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marissa!!


2014 Florida engagement

"There are many things to think about when hiring a photographer. Choosing the right person should be a number one priority. After all, these photos you will have forever and will pass down to your family. So choosing the right person to capture your moments is very important. When we came across Marissa Decker, we knew we had to hire her. So we did and had pleasure of working with her for our engagement photos in West Palm Beach and boy did she not disappoint!
During the photo session, Marissa was helpful in every way she could be. If you're anything like me, when someone is taking photos of you, sometimes you can feel awkward or unsure of how you look, how you should stand etc. It became evident from the moment Marissa snapped the first shot that this woman knew exactly what she was doing and how to make us feel comfortable and relaxed.
As soon as we received the images, it reaffirmed that hiring her was the best decision and investment we could have ever made. To say that her photos were incredible would be an extreme understatement.
One of the best qualities about her style is that she captures moments. It's in those photos you can truly see just how talented she is. Holding hands walking down the beach, us laughing at each other, and of course her candids are outstanding as well.
Marissa is not only professional and knowledgeable, she is unbelievably talented in every sense of the word. I don't think there are enough words to describe how great of a photographer she really is. She exceeded our expectations in capturing every moment from start to finish."


"She is unbelievably

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