I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.



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It’s my 29th birthdaaay sooo I figured I’d have some fun highlighting the quirkiest moments that made up the best of these 29 years! I chatted with some of my closest friends and family and asked them for some help on these “Marissa Moments”. Because, let’s be honest, even though I know the majority of […]

29 Marissa Moments // A 29th Birthday Tribute to Myself

August 12, 2019


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Yes, that is right. Sometimes I forget that I am too a small business owner. Crazy to think that creatives are lumped into this category. To everyone else, it may not seem like we crunch numbers or pay our bills, mainly because what we put out there is allll about the art aspect of the […]

Top 5 Necessities for Small Business Owners

July 31, 2019


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Whaaaaat? Did you read that right? New Orleans? Yup. You read that correctly! This May I traveled down to NOLA to capture these two and their families celebrating such a day. SO why am I excited to tell you about a New Orleans wedding? Well let’s say there were TONS of things that us midwestern […]

The Royal Sonesta, New Orleans Wedding | Tomilee & Brian!!

July 26, 2019


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Soo, last year I created a magazine. I decided against a podcast, or a live Youtube stream. Mainly because I don’t have the actual tech-savvyness to conquer that. BUT also I don’t think social media is ready for my extremely uneventful life to accessible across every platform. Why a magazine then? It gives me a […]

MDP Wedding Magazine

July 23, 2019

Creatives, Personal, Weddings

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Update: if you are new here and desire an explanation of what my Wedding Vendor Love Series is allll about – click that link! This week I’m chatting about working with DJ’s + Bands / Reception Entertainment !! In my 7 years of doing this, every SINGLE vendor works his or her butt off! Along […]

Wedding Vendor Love Series: DJ & Band Entertainment

July 12, 2019

Creatives, Weddings

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Back in 2018 I went through a 200+ hour Yoga Teacher Training. My initial thought going into YTT was that it would be a great thing to utilize during my off-season. I’ve always wanted to teach, in some sense of the word, and figured if I loved yoga enough why not give it a shot. […]

What Yoga Teacher Training Taught Me

June 24, 2019


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My final 2018 wedding! Here we go! BOY is it GOOSEPIMPLES worthy!!! I must preface this by saying: whenever a friend of my sister gets married, I immediately feel a pang in my chest. It reminds me: 1. How I am getting more emotional as I age haha and 2. How old I am. I […]

Heritage Tree Farms Wedding, Peninsula, Ohio | Ashley & Brandon !!

June 18, 2019


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Winter weddings warm my heart. Super cheesy, I know but come on – who doesn’t like simple greens and twinkle lights? If you don’t then – psh posh bgosh we need to chat! Caitlin & Sean spent their special day in the Historic Onesto Event Center in the heart of Canton, Ohio. The hotel alone […]

Historic Onesto Event Center Wedding, Canton, Ohio | Caitlin & Sean !!

May 14, 2019


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This is something near and dear to my heart, because I’ve realized as I grow older, I use traveling for something more than just to explore new cities. I mentioned it a bit on Lizzie’s podcast – but I’ll reiterate it here for you as well. (If you are here just for the Aruba pics […]

Self-Care while Traveling // Featuring: Aruba!

May 4, 2019

Personal, Travel

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It’s funny because I was on a consult call with an inquiring couple yesterday and the bride mentioned how one of my posts from THIS session that I’m about to share inspired her to watch the sunrise with her boyfriend! And then to make it even more magical, HE PROPOSED to her right there! WHAAAT? […]

Washington DC Sunrise Engagement | Helen + Andrew

April 22, 2019

Engagements, Travel