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Welp, since we already had our first example with Wedding Florists, I figured I may as well share a little of how this day is INCREDIBLY difficult without these beautiful creatives. First and foremost, a florist enhances the beauty that your day will naturally bring. They can transform a barren table scape into a beautiful […]

Wedding Vendor Love Series: Florists

April 18, 2019

Creatives, Weddings

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If you want to see a DIY, absolutely hot dang bomb type of wedding, this is it. Mackenzie and Kevin and their amazing magical wedding helpers pulled off a day that encapsulated their entire love story. As many of my couples do, they tinkered their reception venue (Happy Days Lodge) with bits of themselves, inviting […]

Happy Days Lodge Wedding, Peninsula, Ohio | Mackenzie & Kevin!!

April 16, 2019


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I don’t normally blog engagement sessions, but this one stole my heart! We woke up at the crack of dawn to see the sunrise over Lake Michigan! Which if you have not done on a trip to Chicago – you MUST do. I mean, sunrises in general, are just incredibly invigorating. AND THEN you put […]

Chicago Puppy Engagement: Lauren, Jordan & Marvel! | Destination Engagement

April 4, 2019

Engagements, Travel

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It took me faaar too long to realize how important it is to work together with other vendors during the wedding process. I used to go into a wedding sticking to my own schedule, with the get in and get what I need mentality. Looking back, I am shocked at how little there was on […]

Wedding Vendor Love: The Series!

March 29, 2019

Creatives, Weddings

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My website’s aim is to give clients as much necessary information as possible to make an informed decision. I want them to know who I am and what I offer without any hesitation.  With that said, some questions slip through again and again, regardless of the couple or the inquiry! I listed some of the […]

Six Most Common Wedding Photography FAQ’s

March 19, 2019

Creatives, Engagements, Portraits, Weddings

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SIX WHOLE YEARS! We now need TWO hands when telling people our age! This is crazy! It’s been six years since I received that official LLC letter (the one with my business name FINALLY spelled correctly – because yes I had to file it twice). What is an LLC? Welp, to save you from all […]

Six Year Challenge: 2013 – 2019

March 8, 2019

Creatives, Personal

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Snow? Freeeezing? Coldness? Ice? ICK! I am guilty of alllll of these thoughts. BUT if there is one thing the beautiful winter magic gives us that a summer day cannot, it is a chance for love to shine. These backdrops though, are to die for. Especially in NE Ohio. Our park systems and National Park showcase […]

Candid Winter Engagement Sessions

February 20, 2019


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There are multiple editing styles within the realm of photography. The two main ones are light and airy and dark and moody. There are also some subgroups such as warmer (more orange), cooler (more blue), film-like, high-contrasty, and so on and so forth. Now a days though, with presets and the ability to create your […]

Editing Style: Why I Edit Light and Airy!

February 18, 2019


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HEAD’S UP: I tried super hard to not put in any spoilers, but here is my warning just in case 😉 mkkay. So, if it wasn’t already apparent  – I loveeee to binge watch TV shows! I also love to watch them over and over again because why the heck not? Being a girl though, […]

Valentine’s Day Special: My 5 Favorite TV Show Romances

February 14, 2019


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I have a huge soft spot in my heart for this family. They are some of the most kind and genuine souls to come out of the Akron area – and I’m sooo thankful that they continuously think of me to capture special moments! So my dear dear Shannon – I cannot thank you enough […]

Portage Country Club Wedding, Akron, Ohio | Shannon & Jeff!

February 13, 2019