MEET marissa

"I believe in capturing life as simple + as natural as people experience it.
i believe in photography being a mirror to who you are! 
i believe in red wine, spontaneous travel, and harry potter.
But most of all, I believe in moments where you are you, and how those are memories worth keeping."

So, you want know more about me?

Welp, here it goes.
The secret's coming out:
I am the most awkward person in front of a camera.

True Story: I went through a phase where I placed a hand on my hip and actually dipped waaaay over to one side, thinking that was cool. (All my travel photos from 2011 - 2013 can attest that it was not). But there began my idea for a photography company where you didn't pose. One where the photographer captured everyday life, as if it was any other day.

I stopped posing my couples. I let families relax into their session. I captured newborns just breathing. By focusing on emotion rather than static posing. I fell in love with happiness, movement, laughter, silence, and that all encompassing word: personality. Allowing people to be themselves opened an entirely new door to capturing memories. I can now serve my clients with photos depicting who they are, stopping the "I heard it's cool to stand this way" thought. 

fun facts about ME

fun facts about ME

I listen to music on repeat while I am editing, road tripping, or even making breakfast.


my style is much more comfort over fashion sense.


CEREAL is my weakness.
pour three kinds in one oversized mug and I'm all set


i am a tv show binger!
currently Re-watching: 
Game of Thrones + Modern family


I re-read the harry potter series
at least twice a year.
(this hufflepuff loves every second)


truth bomb:
the ocean can cure anything


for the past 13 years, I've helped run an after-care program at my grade school, Shout out to all 90 of my kids!


Traveling is my therapy
& yoga is my home


i'm pretty certain every monday in life can be cured with a chandler bing or nick miller gif.


I used to have a serious bowl cut when i was little. since then my hair has always touched my shoulders.


With the current 2021 climate, my travel dates are being revised to comply with each specific state guidelines.

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