first of all

i hope you are excited and enjoying your engagement as much as blissfully possible! I am squealing and jumping up and down for you! 

(if you aren't engaged, and are here just to learn more about my wedding process, don't worry. i am still squealing!  SOO excited to have you here!)

The most important thing you should know is that I try to make this process as fun as possible!! And that starts with my emails having a ton of exclamation points! To learn more about my wedding experience scroll on dowwwwwn!





Featured MDP weddings:

No posing. All candid. All you.
Mainly because - it's already awkward having a human follow you around to take photos. The last thing I would want is put you in some unnatural pose to commemorate your most precious memories. This is why I shoot with a candid mind. Instead of posing, I want to you to be as much as yourself as you possibly can.

My aim for each session is to make my couples feel as if we are three friends going on a really weird, but super comfortable date. Your wedding day is no different. Each and every emotion you feel (and dang you will feel them all) is what I capture. Because the best way to relive your memories is to flip through images of your natural laugh and go-to hug. It's always better to be you!

The candid style!

See the 2018 love stories

I take extreme care in making sure you enjoy your day! And that includes grandma, parents, to every member of your bridal party. Since my approach asks you to be yourself, I want to make sure you are as comfortable and free to enjoy each moment as possible.

With that said, I aim to be much more than your wedding photographer. I'll chat with everyone, find bandaids for blisters, grab you a drink from the bar, make sure you pee before you put on your dress, and even help you create a wedding timeline if need be! I got you, so all you have to do is enjoy your wedding day!

Why Choose Marissa?

At least one point in your day I will:

• Squeal suuuper loud
• jump up and down
• give you the biggest bear hug
• ask you to canoodle with your lover

If there is anything you take away from wedding planning, I hope it is this: The investments you choose to make into this incredible day are important. They set a foundation for the celebration of your love. 

Even though your flowers will eventually dry, your cake will be placed in the freezer, and you'll even press your dress to put it away, the photographs keep your memories alive. 

Being your photographer is a job I take very seriously. I want you to remember every emotion and feeling that came from your wedding day. In order to do so, it helps when my couples are as relaxed as possible. The best way to be yourself is for us to truly click!



2020 wedding experiences
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I offer three different wedding packages. ALL come with my candid style, and extra goodies to make it easy and stress-free.

I accept only 15 - 20 wedding commissions a year. Because of this, I'd love to meet in person and chat about how we could work together to make your special day memorable!

To receive detailed packaging, please inquire via the contact form.

"She kept me calm during some moments where I would have lost it. She was always there whenever we needed help (even if it wasn't her responsibility) and she is just a light. She exudes happiness which makes the day even better." - Leah & Patrick (2018)

"Marissa was not only our photographer but our sudo day-of-coordinator, bridesmaid director, stress reliever, and the most incredible photographer we could ever ask for" - Blair & AJ (2018)

"I do not like having pictures taken of me, but between Marissa's candid style and effortless ability to capture moments without us even noticing it was happening was really perfect. She is young and fun, but talented beyond her years. Her presence through the whole process was comforting and she provided the perfect balance of going with the flow and giving the right advice when we needed it. She captured every moment and detail that we'd want and more. We love how natural the photos are and that they portray the energy and love we felt surrounded by that day." - Emily & David (2018)


"Marissa was organized, calm, but exciting and fun to be around. She kept the family pictures quick and easy. She captured beautiful moments and allowed us to enjoy our day, worry free!" - Alyssa & Kevin (2017)

"Marissa has the MOST wonderful, fun loving personality. She has such a way to make you feel like you are so important! She is professional, CREATIVE, and passionate. Our wedding party also said how much they loved her, her style of photography and the way she interacted with us." - Brittany & Matt (2017)

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How long will it take to receive my images?

My aim is to get you THE finished online gallery for proofing at least a month to a month and a half after your wedding date. Please note: with my schedule pending the wedding season, this may take less time OR A TAD MORE TIME than anticipated!

Do you prefer to walk through the wedding venue?

YES YES YES. If we don't meet there to walk through together, I will walk through on my own. Even if it happens to be that week before your wedding. I like to take a look and see where may be the best spots for photos (and make sure I know how to get there).

How early do you book weddings?

I tend to booK about a year to a year in a half out. My schedule is first come first serve, meaning if you are the first to inquire and place a deposit, (and I feel we would work together), then you get first dibs! I open my packages on a season basis (Winter/Spring, Summer & Fall). Each is based upon the current wedding climate and the amount of inquiries I receive for a specific date.

Do you like to meet with us before booking?

Yes! Call me old fashion, but I like to see your love story in action. Wedding photographers will be by your side more than your mom on your wedding day. With that said, I need to make sure we click. Working together will be a full mixture of personalities and clear understanding. This includes a ton of communication and respect. Even though I would love to capture every single wedding that inquires, sometimes you may be a better fit for another photographer - and that is OKAY! If that is the case I will make sure to get you in contact with photographers who will capture your memories flawlessly.

Do you offer engagement sessions with your wedding packages?

Yes! They are included and/or discounted with each package offerED. I allow my couples to choose their location (so yes, it could even be in the comfort of your own home!). If you choose an outdoor location (which I typically recommend) I do ask that we find a day that works for either sunrise or sunset!

What if I don't need an engagement session?

I still ask that WE SCHEDULE ONE so I can capture you two, even if it is a quick mini-session! Working together with a camera in between us is a whole different story, and it helps YOU get used to my style of shooting.

Do you really not pose?

Haha I really don't pose! I'll make sure that if you are looking at me like a ball of nerves, I'll help you along. for the most part, I want you to be as much yourself as you possibly can!

What is the biggest difference between packages?

My wedding packages are based on hours. Over the years, I've noticed that many weddings have the capability to fit into an 8-hour package. Because of this, I offer 10, 8 and 6 hour packages for wedding dates. If you are eloping, having a more intimate celebration, or just desire those special family and bridal portraits: I also offer a 3-hour package to cover what is most important on your wedding day.

Do you bring
a second shooter?

My aim with all of my weddings is to bring a second pair of hands to help me with your ceremony and family portraits. With that said, the seconds I tend to bring have full-time jobs, families, and other photography businesses to run. I do not have a second shooter on staff at all times, making it difficult to say I guarantee it. The good news is that many photographers bring a second shooter to grab those candids while the main photog captures the staged portraits. With my style of shooting, it is capable for me to grab the entire day solo since I'm already grabbing the candids!

Can you cut the cost of your packages?

I understand how expensive a wedding can be - truly I do. Unfortunately though I do not offer discounts or cut package costs. Other than the cost of me to actually capture your day, each package includes costs to also not only run my business, but also make sure I am able to help you from the moment you inquire, to long after I send you the online gallery. I take great pride in making certain my couples are well-taken care of. Because of this head on over to my investment page and learn why wedding photography is one of the most important pieces of investments you'll make toward your love story.

Deposit? Remainder? Payment Plan?

I do require a non-refundable deposit plus the contract signed at least 6-months before your wedding day. Everything is digital and can be paid online through the proposal sent. Your date is not officially blocked off in my calendar until the deposit is paid though. The remaining fee is due before your wedding date.

Do you offer wedding albums?

YES! This year I started to offer physical albums. Even though every package comes with a digital, online wedding gallery, I do offer actual books. These albums come in three different sizes and are all beautifully hand-crafted and stitched together with precision. The pages are lay-flat and matte, making each image pop with color and feel smooth at the touch.

Am I supposed to tip you?

Very weird question to answer myself, but I have answered this before. I am a service-based profession. With that said, if you enjoy my service and feel the desire to tip, I'm not gonna stop ya.

Am I supposed to feed you?

Yes. You should feed all your vendors if they work through your dinner. Many venues will require you to do this, and many contracts (including mine) have a clause that explain about food. Wedding days are just as long for you as it is for us (I'm including videographer, band, day of coordination, etc).

Is there a Contract we have to sign?

Yes, and I will go over it in person, or at least on the phone. It is digital and available to be signed online. It covers my butt and yours in case anything were to happen to the photos, or a cancellation of your day.

most FREQUENTLY Asked questions

Thank YOU for everything! You talked about not being able to put it into words but we truly can't either. We feel SO thankful for you and loved having you be the one to capture our day. Our family and friends in our bridal party could not say enough great things about you as well! You are absolutely amazing and we LOVE our pictures!!! You captured every moment of our special day just as it happened and it was wonderful reliving it by going through each and every picture together!! They all looked beautiful and we can't wait to be able to share them with our family and friends!!!

Angela & Jud

each and every picture together."

"it was wonderful reliving it by going through

Angela + Jud

I would recommend Marissa any day to anyone! She has a way of making you feel comfortable and excited (even if you normally hate being in front of a camera). My husband & I were fortunate to schedule her for our engagement shoot and wedding day. She captured quality, candid moments that were true to us! And to top it off, her communication and turn-around time were very impressive! I cannot say enough about how happy we were with Marissa. She is professional, positive, and genuinely talented.
Thank you so much, Marissa!!

true to us!"

"She captured quality, candid moments that were

Kelly + Marc
2018 Destination WEDDING

People, if you want the best, kindest and most trustworthy person to capture your wedding day, or any day, use Marissa Decker. Her soul is pure through and through! We love you, mean it! 

through and through"

"her soul is pure

Leah + Patrick

You are so freaking amazing, thank you for EVERYTHING! The day would not have been the same without such an amazing friend and photographer  - literally I love every single pic!
- Chelsea


"so freaking

Chelsea + Zachary

I was skeptical about this whole photo session thing like any guy would be, but wow! Marissa Decker did an incredible job of capturing our moments and making me look presentable.
- Jon

We absolutely loved spending last night with Marissa, she is amazing! 💕
- Katy

our moments!"

"...did an incredible job capturing

Katy + Jon
2018 Destination engagement

I am not prone to exaggeration, but seeing the pictures that you sent out from Emily and David’s wedding this past weekend – I have to say – WOW.
I really enjoyed meeting you and I really appreciated the efficiency of your efforts. You are a true professional and a cool young lady.
- Tom (Father of the Bride)


I have to say

Emily + David

Marissa shot our engagement photos and our wedding and I seriously could not be happier with both sessions! She has a true eye for those special, candid moments and spectacular composition. Marissa makes you feel so comfortable, too. There's no stress, and most of the time you don't even know she's taking photos! Marissa also is great at communicating with you regarding any questions you might have or setting up her photography timeline, which was a big relief during the wedding planning process. She's punctual, professional and so sweet. I'm so happy that we chose Marissa Decker!

don't even know she's taking photos!"

"there's no stress
& most of the time you 

Corey + Brian

Our scavenger hunt turned engagement shoot. Thanks Marissa Decker for following us around as we goofed off, and Kyle tried to be Ron Swanson. We love you so much for doing this with us! -- and for helping me create the surprise (and not laughing when I said we're taking photos at Kroger!). Neither of us wanted the norm, so we can't thank Marissa enough for giving us the most candid shots I've ever seen! 

I've ever seen!"

"giving us the most candid shots

Annie + Kyle
2018 Destination Engagement

Marissa is an amazing photographer. Marissa makes you feel as though you have known her forever and that truly helps when you're taking photos! I'm certainly the most awkward person in front of a camera but Marissa makes it feel as though you're just hanging out and having a fun time! She is very communicative and on top of everything! You will not be disappointed with Marissa. Thanks Marissa!
- Stephanie + Scott

Marissa has done multiple weddings I’ve been to and her pictures are always perfection. But perfection for that individual couple. She captures who they are. She is also able to quickly get a large group set up (like my giant, 70ish people, family) and get our picture done in a matter of two minutes... no easy task! If I could go back in time and get married again, I’d hire her for my wedding hands down!
- Kelsie Clark Ilko (cousin of the bride)

I'd hire her .. hands down"

"If I could go back in time for my wedding

Stephanie + Scott

I wanted to thank you for being just incredibly spectacular on our big day. It's hard to come up with words to describe your impact when random guests kept coming up to Kathleen and I asking about who our photographer was (YOU!) because she was so amazing! All I can do is say thank you. I can't sing your praises enough!! 

spectacular on our big day!"

" incredibly

Kathleen + Graham

Marissa did an amazing job as photographer for our wedding in July 2018. Right from our first meeting with her, she was cheery, she was on the ball, and she was thinking one step ahead. And seriously, just meeting with her was a sure way to brighten our day.
Marissa travelled all the way to Columbus to take our engagement photos in the frigid January snow, gave plenty of encouragement, and captured some terrific pictures that now hang in our home.
Every step of the way, Marissa’s communication skills were great. She made us very comfortable; we knew our wedding photos were in good hands.
The day of the wedding, Marissa was phenomenal. It seemed like she was seven places at once. She knew the wedding day itinerary, got everybody organized, and she even helped the clueless newlywed couple figure out the best way to cut the cake! Marissa captured great family and wedding party photos in pre-planned group photos. However, even more impressively, she captured tremendous candid photos of fun moments throughout the wedding ceremony and reception. Marissa’s ability to seemingly be at every key part of the celebration helped her capture the essence of one of the best days of our lives.
Both for our engagement photos in the bristling January cold and for our wedding photos in the mid-July heat, Marissa was the friendliest, most energetic, most upbeat, and most skilled photographer we could possibly have hoped for. We loved having her as our photographer, and her work is top-notch. Thank you Marissa!

most skilled photographer..."

"...the friendliest, most energetic, most upbeat &

Hilary + Joe

We could not be happier with our wedding photos!!! Thank you so so much Marisa Decker for capturing these unforgettable moments! 


"We could not be

Katie + Ryan

Marissa hands down does some of the best work out there. Not only is her work outstanding, but she is one of the best people to work with in the industry. Her high energy, optimism, and creativity is unmatched and influences everyone in a room. A really great person to work with!

to work with

" of the best people 

Mario Micale
2017 WEDDING (Videographer) vendor

in the industry."

Marissa doesn't just capture the moments, she captures the emotions, the look on people's face and all the feels in the room! She is a true profesionnal and you just want to hang out with her all the time! Genuine and friendly, I would recommend hiring Marissa for ANY type of events you want to have lifelong memories of!

all the time!"

"you just want to hang out with her

Michael + Kelly
2017 Wedding (Reception)

Oh my goodness - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We love it! You are literally the sweetest thing. And we are so thankful for your talent. Thank you for taking such good care of us!! We will recommend you to anyone that will listen! 

good care of us!"

"...taking such

Lauren + Matt
2017 Wedding

Meeting Marissa for the first time felt like we had been friends for years! We had the pleasure of using Marissa for both our engagement and wedding photos. Marissa truly went above and beyond to ensure that our day went smoothly on all ends. Even checking in to see if we needed anything throughout the day. She captured all the moments I never knew that would even happen! We are so thrilled with our wedding photos and cannot wait to receive the final downloads so we can hang them in our home. Thank you for capturing or forever memories, including some photos of family members that will forever be close to our hearts

friends for years"

"...felt like we had been

Macauley + Jessica

I cannot say enough good things about Marissa as a photographer and a person. She is professional and clear in her correspondence, but has a calming and personable presence which is essential to illicit the natural smiles and poses seen in her work. She is very flexible and offers suggestions, but always puts the couple's wishes first. Most importantly, she has an incredible talent to capture EVERY moment of the day in a way that makes you relive the emotions of the moment when you look at the photo, yet she is not ever the slightest bit obtrusive. What else could you want in a photographer? She is the very best out there.

Thank you, Marissa, from the bottom of my heart for so perfectly capturing our special day. Your photos will always remind us of some of our most joyful memories for the rest of our lives.

emotions of the moment

"...relive the 

Serafina + Kerrigan

Marissa is is a talent and beautiful spirit. She is so helpful, polite, patient, smart, and kind. She is such a fantastic photographer and has a beautiful, light, and natural style. She made me feel at ease the whole day. I CANNOT recommend Marissa more. The pictures she took are priceless memories we will always love. Thank you thank you Marissa!

a beautiful spirit"

"Marissa is a talent and

Matthew + Brittany

"Marissa is the most down to earth, sweetest person I've ever encountered. We were so fortunate to have our engagement photos and wedding photos done by her. I wasn't worried one bit about how our pictures were going to turn out because I knew they would be gorgeous in the hands of Marissa. The little things she captures behind that camera are simply jaw-dropping. I now have the best day of our lives put into pictures to look at forever. Her communication throughout the planning period is wonderful and quick. She is personal and heart felt with how she responds because she truly cares so much about each and every couple/wedding she partakes in. I 100% recommend her photo services as I am 110% pleased with the outcome! I will definitely consider using her for other photography needs in the future. And on that note, another big thank you goes out to Marissa!" 
 - Facebook Review

"I LOVE that Marissa Decker caught all the little moments, along with the big moments. They are all so special in their own way. We are so fortunate to have had her capture our day! These memories mean the world to us! Thank you for the one thousandth time from Kevin & I."
- Facebook Mention

little moments

"I love that Marissa caught all the

Alyssa + kevin

along with the big moments."

"Marissa Decker Photography everything you captured was just perfection!(Y'all...Marissa is incredible, HIRE HER IMMEDIATELY if you need a photographer)."
- Jimmy Wojtila (Groom)

"Having Marissa as a part of our big day was one of the best decisions we made (besides the "I Dos" of course)!"
- Sarah Wojtila (Bride)

"Marissa - you are totally amazing. We just finished looking at the proofs. Incredible! Awesome! Fantastic! Not enough adjectives to describe. You have so much talent!!!! Thank you for allowing us to enjoy the whole day again in your beautiful pictures. We love you!!!!!"
- Jim Wojtila (Father of the Groom)

"The way you capture the emotion of the room + the moment is seriously amazing. Just the smiles or faces of people during a situation - the first dance, the speeches the little moments in-between the ceremony or waiting in the cocktail floor. Honestly I’m stunned (not that I ever doubted you for a second) but you blew my expectations out of the water!!!!"
- Stephen Wojtila (Best Man)


"Ya'll Marissa is incredible,

Jimmy + Sarah

"Marissa is simply the most amazing person inside and out! My husband and I were lucky enough to have Marissa photograph our engagement pictures and our wedding! She traveled to Lexington for both!! 

She has the most calming presence, you don't feel nervous or uncomfortable with her taking pictures. She captures moments that normal people don't see! I can't say enough good things about her! Her work speaks for itself, but she is also truly an amazing person!! Hands down the best!!"
- Alex Sims (Bride)

"You outdid yourself this time Marissa!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! I simply cannot stop looking at them!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! You absolutely captured the feelings and emotions of the entire day!!! From beginning to end!! Haha!! I am so glad you could share in that day with us!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!"
-Christy Elias (Mother of the Bride)

calming presence,

"She has the most 

Alex + jarrod
2017 Destination WEDDING

you don't feel nervous or uncomfortable."

(About Blog Post): "I seriously am sitting in my car and viewing this for probably the 100th time and am in tears. I didn't even notice the statement Marissa wrote till now which seriously tugged at my heart more then I can begin to explain. Marissa you are an angel with a very special gift!!!! Love you so very much!

(About Wedding Day): "Thank you Marissa for capturing so much more then just a photo. I could not of asked for anything more perfect out of our photos and it's all bc you saw us and knew us for clearly! Sending you love + appreciation. "

capturing more than just a photo"

"Thank you Marissa for

Mary + Pat

Wow where do I even begin?! Marissa is an incredible photographer. She did a FANTASTIC job taking pictures for our wedding!! We loved ALL of them, and that is not an exaggeration! Her candid style was perfect for my husband's and my style and needs. So many times photographers will stop couples in the middle of their wedding to get "the perfect shot." This was not the case for Marissa at all, and we were so thankful!! She took pictures of us doing what we do, and how we do it! This is something that is truly unique to Marissa!! Her light and airy style is natural and not too edited, another thing we loved!!

Not only is she a wonderful photographer, but her personality behind and away from the camera just sealed the deal!! She is so caring, accommodating, relaxed, and the person to help us the day of the wedding, even for things outside of photography. We could not have asked for a better person to capture the best day of our lives. Thank you Marissa for letting us relive our wedding day each and every time we look at our photos. You are just spectacular!! xoxo 


"Marissa is an

Kellie + Joe

The photos blew me away!! Kelly + Matt said from the beginning how much they loved your style and were so excited to have you photograph their wedding. I get it!! Just beautiful! Thank you for your talent and work!!

Lori Smith: (Mother of the Bride)

blew me away!!"

"The photos

Kelly + Matt

Have I mentioned recently how AWESOME our wedding photographer was?! Safe to say we had the BEST photographer to capture our special day. Thank you thank you thank you for all the fantastic pictures Marissa Decker!


"Safe to say we had

Liz + Frank

Time after time I will sing Marissa Decker's praises. She has been such a blessing this past year. Allowing me to learn from her on wedding days is just a snippet of her kindness. Marissa has shown me that building relationships is crucial in this industry, education never ends + wedding days never ever get old. I'm so beyond happy to work with her. Marissa, you the bomb girl!

to work
with her!"

"I'm beyond happy

Elizabeth Schlafer
2016 - 2018 Second Shooter 

We decided to have a photo shoot to celebrate our one year anniversary, and I could not be happier. These pictures make up for every engagement and wedding picture that didn't live up to expectations. Marissa Decker Photography did a PERFECT job. Marissa found a beautiful location, waited for the best lighting and made us feel so comfortable. Her energy was so easy to feed off of. Michael and I had such a fun time playing dress up, eating the top tier of our wedding cake and rocking our Sperrys. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marissa!!

did a

"Marissa Decker Photography

Bridgette + Mike
2017 Destination Anniversary 

"A little over a year ago, Danny and I began the wedding planning process. Decision making was in full swing. One of the most important decisions was finding the right photographer for that special day. One of Danny's sisters suggested we contact Marissa, as she's a longtime friend. After a look at her website, with her remarkable ability to capture those candid moments, we knew Marissa was the photographer for us!

blended into the wedding..."


Kristina + Danny
2016 WEdding

Marissa is without a doubt the most amazing, professional, considerate and thoughtful photographer we could have asked to be part of the start of our forever together.

First, our engagement session was easy and so fun! Her presence was calming, especially since we aren't used to being photographed everyday :) Honestly, the next day we received our proofs from the session and we were floored! They depicted us perfectly!

The day of the wedding was no different. We received so many compliments that Marissa blended into the wedding: no one "noticed" her taking pictures. Obviously Marissa is a beautiful, delightful person, but what a gift it is to capture candid moments going unnoticed rather than asking for posed portraits. We recommend Marissa without the slightest reservation. Her talents behind the lens and her magnificent personality make her the best photographer to be part of the most special day for two people: their wedding.

From the bottoms of our hearts, Danny and I are so grateful to have been able to have you as part of our wedding.
You captured the magic and love, Marissa!!!"

"Marissa is the best! She gives 100% all of the time! Easy to work with! So happy someone recommended her to us! We can't wait to see our pictures. We can't wait to recommend her to another couple"

She gives 100%
all of the time!"

"Marissa is the best!

rachel + brad

"We love to assist our brides in finding the gown of their dreams, but we are also here to help them out every step of the wedding planning process. We urge our brides to really invest in a good photographer. One that will capture your day, the emotions, the love, the laughter, and the moments in one beautiful image [...] Marissa has done several of our bride’s weddings and has an amazing ability to capture pure, raw emotion. We could see our bride’s personalities through her photos with intimate shots that show the true feelings that you experience on your wedding day. When you look at her page, you will see that many of her photos capture a couple laughing and sharing in the beauty of their wedding day."

capture pure, raw emotion."

" amazing ability to

All brides beautiful
2016 wedding, vendor review


"We cannot thank Marissa Decker Photography enough for capturing our wedding day! She was SO great to work with & the pictures turned out beautiful!! We couldn't be happier! [...] Thinking about how comfortable she made us both during the planning and through our day, we could not have dreamed up someone better to capture our day. Her amazing work directly reflects the type of person she is and we are blessed to have the memories she provided us. Thank you again!"

Directly reflects the type of person she is"

"Her amazing work


"I have been a minister for 18 years and have married over 6000 couples! I can honestly say that Marissa is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most respectful photographers I have ever worked with. A complete pleasure!"

kindest, and most respectful photographers..."

"Marissa is one of the sweetest, 

Reverend Lynn Bressi-Rowles
2015 WEDDING, vendor review

"There are many things to think about when hiring a photographer. Choosing the right person should be a number one priority. After all, these photos you will have forever and will pass down to your family. So choosing the right person to capture your moments is very important. When we came across Marissa Decker, we knew we had to hire her. So we did and had pleasure of working with her for our engagement photos in West Palm Beach and boy did she not disappoint!

talented, in every sense of the word."

"She is unbelieveably

Michael + Gina
2015 Engagement

During the photo session, Marissa was helpful in every way she could be. If you're anything like me, when someone is taking photos of you, sometimes you can feel awkward or unsure of how you look, how you should stand etc. It became evident from the moment Marissa snapped the first shot that this woman knew exactly what she was doing and how to make us feel comfortable and relaxed.
As soon as we received the images, it reaffirmed that hiring her was the best decision and investment we could have ever made. To say that her photos were incredible would be an extreme understatement.
One of the best qualities about her style is that she captures moments. It's in those photos you can truly see just how talented she is. Holding hands walking down the beach, us laughing at each other, and of course her candids are outstanding as well.
Marissa is not only professional and knowledgeable, she is unbelievably talented in every sense of the word. I don't think there are enough words to describe how great of a photographer she really is. She exceeded our expectations in capturing every moment from start to finish."

"I cannot praise the work of Marissa Decker enough, she is an absolutely amazing person professionally & personally! Anyone who is looking for a photographer, I highly recommend you check out her work!"

professionally & personally!"

"She is an absolutely
amazing person

Katie + Jeremy

"Marissa was an absolute pleasure to work with on our wedding day. She did a tremendous job of taking stunning pictures of our group even when the weather was gloomy and rainy. From holding my dress to bringing me coffee, Marissa was professional and personable all day long. Dave and I were lucky to have someone make us feel special and confident throughout our day. I would recommend Marissa for any young couple looking to make their wedding day unique to their personal style. We will continue to recommend her to our friends and family looking for portrait or on location sessions.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Marissa! You captured the joy of our wedding day so wonderfully!"

taking stunning pictures..."

"She did a tremendous job

Lizzie + Dave