MDP Wedding Magazine

Soo, last year I created a magazine.

I decided against a podcast, or a live Youtube stream. Mainly because I don’t have the actual tech-savvyness to conquer that. BUT also I don’t think social media is ready for my extremely uneventful life to accessible across every platform.

Why a magazine then?
It gives me a happy medium. (pun fully intended haha)
It allows me to showcase what this industry has taught me, but also give something to those future couples scouring websites for photographers.
It offers an opportunity to reach back to those couples that made me who I am today.
And last but not least, it is a means to fill something with advice, love, and articles written with a creative boss lady mind.

So guess what – I decided to bring it back this year! But this time I am making it available to allllll you lovely souls who stumbled upon this page!

So go on here is your exclusive access!

Click the link below 🙂

MDP Magazine 2019

Read away and let me know what you think.


xo – riss

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