Chicago Puppy Engagement: Lauren, Jordan & Marvel! | Destination Engagement

I don’t normally blog engagement sessions, but this one stole my heart! We woke up at the crack of dawn to see the sunrise over Lake Michigan! Which if you have not done on a trip to Chicago – you MUST do. I mean, sunrises in general, are just incredibly invigorating.

AND THEN you put a couple like these two in front – hot freaking dang! Yes, this is the same couple that I met in Scotland (they have as big of a travel bug as I do!). We captured this engagement session though in their current city with their adorable puppy and exploring alll of Chicago. From the lake to downtown we frolicked and canoodled in all of it.  Just scroll. Go on now.


Want an engagement session outside of Ohio? YES FREAKING PLEASE! 🙂 // xo

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