Scotland Destination Engagement | Arthur’s Seat | (& Harry Potter)

Okay, first of all – no I didn’t just go to Scotland for Harry Potter landmarks (although that was my initial primary reason for the trip).
OHH SHUSH (pics are below).
Okay, okay, but yes I definitely plan all my excursions based upon books I love and movies I am obsessed with.
There I said it.

Let’s move on.

These two below are getting married in Ohio next summer and I CANNOT wait for their wedding. More importantly though I am ecstatic for their engaged life together.
I’ve known Lauren since way back when I lifeguarded during college summers. She was this little high school gal I adored chatting with during breaks and catching up on our love of HP.
Watching her grow up and go through college and now finding a full-on-adult life in Chicago makes me feeel …… old. (haha).
But seriously, it also makes me realize how life can take us in allll different places.
It’s been a pleasure keeping up with her relationship with Jordan (in a semi-creepy social media way!). When I was able to officially meet him, and then finagle my way into their Scottish trip, it truly MADE me love these two even more.

I did make them wake up super early, (which was even earlier than normal with the time difference).
They also had to trust me driving on the opposite side of the road!!
Basically: I adore you both and couldn’t have pictured a better couple to knock out my Scotland virginity! 🙂

Enjoy some faves below – and scroll even further for those Harry Potter pics I promised!

xo // riss




Annnnnnnnd I go from one adorable couple, to another adorable adventure.
Dun Dun Dun – for all my Harry Potter lovers, come geek out with this Hufflepuff!


Where JK wrote some of the first parts of her books!
The Elephant House

Victoria Street – around the corner from The Elephant House (the inspiration for Diagon Alley)

Alnwick Castle, Alnwick England
The setting for the first two Harry Potter films.

(This is Katie, she’s also an HP nerd!)

Glenfinnan Viaduct *Scottish Highlands*
This was the backdrop in the Second HP when Ron and Harry fly the car over the Hogwarts Express.
AND then, of course there is the Hogwarts Express, making it’s way (yes you can actually ride it today!)

Yeah it’s safe to say I have thousands of reason to geek from at this trip.
I’m fairly certain I had tears in my eyes when we walked around the castle and I was able to see the Hogwarts Express pass by twice!
Gushy moment:
These books have never been just books to me. I think I fell in love with the idea of magic, and a world completely beyond my own.
Opening the pages of JK’s series is like the equivalent of taking a suuuuper deep breath.
It’s a comfort thing; like coming home.

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