Wedding Vendor Love Series: Florists

Welp, since we already had our first example with Wedding Florists, I figured I may as well share a little of how this day is INCREDIBLY difficult without these beautiful creatives. First and foremost, a florist enhances the beauty that your day will naturally bring. They can transform a barren table scape into a beautiful centerpiece of color. They can add a tiny bit of flair to your hairstyle, or tie in that gorgeous dress pattern into your bouquet. They can pull in colors from your bridesmaids, or tuxes into the bouquet. They can even create some extra color to a traditionally white cake.

There are so many points to this – which is why as a photographer I CRAVE them. I crave the details as much as a Florist would. Without that attention to detail, the wedding would need something to tie it alll together (visually).

So what images should you keep in mind to capture for those florists: THE BOUQUET itself. Dang, they worked hard on that artwork – so grab a shot of the flowers, whether it is a close up in the hands of your bride, or just sitting next to the shoes!

The bouquets all together! Make sure to put them all side by side, so you can see the colors. My favorite way of doing this is having my bridesmaids stand super close together and show me their flowers.

The table decor – which is where it reallllly gets fun! See it from the angle of the guest – See how it looks from the top – See how it all looks together throughout the entire room.

Next time you shoot a wedding try asking the florist what he or she may want! Or if there is a specific shot they envisioned while they created the bouquet! NO HURT IN ASKING. Especially with this digital age. Take a shot for them, and build a rapport for the season.

Scroll to see some of my favorite florists & floral arrangements! // xo

Nikki’s Perfect Petals

Every Blooming Thing

Tiffany at Goff Tents

Parisa Damavand at Pink Petals Florist

Beginnings Floral

Pam’s Posies

Nikki’s Perfect Petals

Bear Roots Floral (based in Columbus, OH)

Sheri’s Floral Design

Patricia Potra (based in Timisoara, Romania)

Sam’s Club

And if you are doing your own flowers – check out these awesome warehouses filllled with the necessities you need for beautiful bouquets!

Sam’s Club
Lowe’s Greenhouse


// xo Happy day kids!

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