My Top 5 “Out of Focus” Black And White Photographs!

When I began my business way back when, I sought the help from not only Google, but also a few different wedding professionals. This led me down a very narrow path toward creative-destruction. I began to play the comparison game so intensely that I questioned my own methods and my own instinctual approach. I regret that, but I also find myself in waves of gratitude for the hesitation process. That time made me realize how important it was to stand up for my own work, and my own approach. It made me realize how important the creative process is, and how absolutely magical wedding days are (when you don’t copy someone else’s instincts into the frame).

With that said, my largest degree of self-doubt has always stemmed from these types of photos. My “out of focus” // “soft” black and white images. I received many notes starting out that it was something I needed to “fix”; something I shouldn’t share. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea – and I get that. But I also get that this is why there are thousands of creatives alll over the globe. So you can jive with someone who is your chai to my chamomile.

Sooo here are my top five “shouldn’t be posted” images. The ones that some photographers throw away. The ones that people don’t think I take intentionally. The ones that also hold every ounce of why I capture “candidly”. The ones that come out of expression, or movement, or just good old fashion magic.

Hereee we gooooo –







And what kind of photographer would I be if I didn’t post a few more?



and one last one,  because you know I even do it for my own headshots 🙂

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