2019 Marissa Decker Photography Recap

I began 2019 with the mindset that I needed to take care of myself. If I’m being honest, that is probably one of the weirdest professional goals to write down. But I did it. I took out my goal sheet (hey all my OCD nerds out there!) and wrote with a newly sharpened No. 2 pencil to “Take better care of myself.”

When you read that you most likely are thinking like I did: “Oh I’m not going to get anything done this year. I’ll make less money, and probably be less happy.” But let me break that mindset because I did more in 2019 than I have done in the past 6 years of having this profession.

I said yes to travel, to family time, to meditation in the mornings.
I said yes to weddings, engagements, seniors, and newborns.
I said yes to working out and eating properly.
I said yes to socializing with friends but also to reading 40 books.
I said yes to buying my own home, and sticking to my routines.

Let’s get numerical though, because that is always the most fun:

I captured a total of 93 events.
19 of those were in different states.
1 family session was out of the country (heyyyyy aruba!).
I ran away to the beach three times (not counting that awesome HHI wedding!)
I also consumed one gluten-filled donut, and ate a lotttttt of food with chopsticks.

I crossed “See Vermont in the Fall” off my bucket list, and pampered myself at a Four Seasons.
I lost pairs upon pairs of socks, while also purchasing too many black pens.
I rewatched Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, Gilmore Girls, and still think that the ending of Dexter deserves the largest “BOO” imaginable.

Shall I get all yogi on you? By taking care of myself I was able to clearly see where my life needed some fresh air. I could tell which pieces I allowed toxic energy in, and formed solutions on how to maneuver through them. I became the most self-aware human being that I have ever been. And with that said, I was able to welcome my last year in my twenties with a big, strong, bear hug.

Looking back on this year, I’m happy to say I could find gratitude in every moment. Most importantly though, I’m not only thankful for the love I was able to capture, but for all the love that surrounds me. It was a big year for my family: with a newborn addition, three graduations, one match day, an engagement and a first birthday, we were non-stop go go go!

What is to come?!?
Other than the 20+ weddings I have booked for 2020??
I’m not sure, but bring on my thirtieth year, universe!

Here we gooooo! // xo

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