Out of Focus: Real Life

When I began my college photography courses, there were a ton of dos and don’ts. The most important criteria was how sharp your images had to be. I mean – it’s fairly common knowledge to say when you think of a good photograph you think of a crisp, in-focus one.
It is what wins awards.
It’s what gets published.
What people will pay an arm and a leg for.
What will get you an A in a photog class.

But when I started my business I noticed I was drawn to creating something softer and a tad out-of-focus.
I was drawn to the mess of it.
The chaos it showed.
It reminded me I was capturing real people and their real love stories.

This is why when you visit my website the first picture you see is a black and white, semi-out-of-focus image.
I didn’t put it there on accident. It’s there with a definite purpose.

Ideally I want it to show any client, or future love story, that my candid approach is going to capture life as you see it: Messy. Care-free. Moving. Sometimes Out of focus.
All real. All natural. All you.

That being said, I definitely include these images in my galleries.
I even tell my photography students that creativity cannot be contained in one sharp, perfectly captured image.
And it is okay if you disagree with me on that.
Many photographers would hide these shots in a deep dark external hard drive cave – but I’m finding some purpose in them.
Just scroll down for me, and tell me what you feel. // xo riss



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