This year was a year of more.
In all aspects.
From traveling to capturing to hugging.
The word more comes to mind more often than not.

I saw more. I did more. I felt more.
I definitely did not plan this. I mean it was not a goal of mine – to do more.
(Which I think is why I’m shocked as I type this post.)

And it’s ironic because this year I finally learned how to say no for myself.
How to give myself time to grieve and feel and be a 28 year old human.
How to cut back and schedule time for me.
How to rid my mind of that negative inconsistent energy.

So no, I didn’t anticipate 2018 being a year of more. I fully anticipated this year as just another year of me and my peanut butter, cereal mug fueled life.

But I this year my feet touched both the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines.
I captured people across 4 different countries
within 8 different states
&& over 17 different cities.
I ruined shoes hiking in mud and dresses swimming in salt water.
I attended more broadway shows.
I became a certified yoga teacher.
I taught photography.
Three of my couples were featured on blogs.
I saw Hogwarts.
I read (almost) 40 books.
I wore jeans for one straight week.
I published my own yearly magazine.
My bucket list got longer then shorter and then longer again.

So yeah, it was a year of more.
A year of more smiles than headaches.
A year of pure exhaustion and pure relaxation.
A year of hope and bliss and yup even butterflies.

2018, you were good to me.
And I raise my mug – a biiiiig ole cheers!

Thank you to you all who were a part of it.
To the ones who held me up and even the ones that pushed me down.
To the ones that helped me learn I am only human.

To the ones that hug me even though they know I hate it.
To the family I have and the family I made.
To the new souls that crossed my path and taught me something new.

To alll my couples. Whether you tied the knot or just got engaged.
You allowed me into your homes, and your lives.
You allowed me into your hearts and for that I am forever thankful.
I am astounded every year how willing and trusting you are with me and my vision.
You make my life the best it can be, and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Thank you to this earth and thank you to my body.
Thank you for allll the more you allowed me to do and allowed me to see.

Here we go 2019 – you have big shoes to fill!! // xo riss

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