Hiiii it’s Me! | Marissa Introduction

Well Well Welll. Hellllllo there! My name is Marissa and I’m the human behind all of these words and pretty love stories. I had this goal in 2019 to blog more (very broad of a goal I know), but hey might as well kick it off on the best foot!

(Circa 1997 – The year of matching clothes and yellow bean bag chairs)

Sooo what better way to begin than to say hi! I am in my old twenties, (it sounds cooler than “late twenties”) and pretty much your average human. I had a bowl-hair cut when I was younger. It went well with my braces and those chunky doc martins in grade school. I went to prom and definitely stayed out past curfew. I graduated with a college degree in Advertising + Photo Illustration with focuses in Marketing. And surprisingly enough, I actually use all of those with my career!

So see, I’m normal… to a point.

I eat cereal out of oversized mugs and listen to music on repeat *annoyingly*.
I’m a big Mumford & Son’s fan. Throw in some Lumineers and hey maybe even Christmas music in the dead of summer and I’m all set.
I’m that nerd that watches the special features to see how the movie is made.
I actually am certified to teach yoga to adults (and even took a second training to learn how to teach kids).
I drink tea, do puzzles, and wear athletic clothes more than normal ones.
I can bake a mean pan of brownies and also over-grill a great piece of steak.
I have a suuuuper high belly button and am very particular about my pens.
I love to travel and explore, but if you bring me to a beach don’t expect me to do anything but veg.

I spend the majority of my free time with kids. If you have followed me on social media at all, you know that I talk about them as if they were my own. So yes, I have a little over 90 children. I open gummy snacks and give high-fives. I also joke constantly that the average age human I interact with is about 6, so FYI if I use a TON of exclamation points, super bad comebacks, and laugh out loud and things that don’t makes sense. Children are ruthless and wonderful and can take your super stressful anxiety-filled day and turn it into a therapy session on grounding yourself that you didn’t even know you needed!

SOO that is me, just a tid bit.
Wanna meet or say hii? Comment below: I would love to give you the highest of fives! // xo riss

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