Firestone Country Club Wedding, Akron OH | Chelsea + Zach !!

There is something spectacular about watching one of your best friends get married.
I honestly thought that it wouldn’t phase me as much, but I was a hot mess of emotion. The first part of their wedding was just with close family in our hometown (and those are all the photos you will see below!) The second celebration I had the honor of enjoying as guest, and fulllllly enjoyed every bit of that Napa / wine country / wedding magic!

This beautiful specimen though has been in my life since I was four.
That is four years after I was born.
Four freaking years of trying to figure out how to talk to people other than my family and older cousins. And for some reason back in that pre-school class, I attached myself to this blonde, energetic, independent human. I didn’t think meeting her would change my life, but it surely did.

She is actually the only friend I have that has met every single member of my family.
The only one who I’ll let tell me I’ve worn work out clothes too many days in a row.
She has this aura about her that makes you want to believe and take note of everything she says.
(Have you ever heard me talking about that friend that convinced me to share my grapes with her when we were 6 because we HAD THE SAME BLOOD TYPE? Well meet Chelsea).

Her tough love and exuberance for adventure in life is uncanny, and fueled by the same fire I see in Zach. This kid though, hats off to him for having the drive to live life with her. Because Chels jumps. She jumps so fiercely and so fast that sometimes you’ll miss it. But without hesitation, and in the corniest way ever – he took her hand and jumped with her.

This wedding was absolutely gorgeous.
It all took place at Firestone Country Club in Akron, and was exactly that small intimate moment they wanted! The details though drove my heart insane:
Down to the simple greenery, and beautiful floral arrangements surrounding the outdoor ceremony.
The bow ties, and nail polish design along with rolling up to the aisle in a Porsche!
BOTH first looks *with dad and Zach* were tear worthy.
&& the sunset, oh god that sunset – I mean just scroll.
Truly, you won’t regret it!

All my love and hugs to you two!

// xo “missy”

Chelsea + Zach’s Wedding Vendors

Photography: Marissa Decker Photography
Venue: Firestone Country Club
Rings: Sheiban Jewelers
Bridal Dress: Bridal Beginning 
Alterations: Xpert Alterations, owner Linda 
Music: Rick & Sharona
Florals: Bear Roots Floral, in Columbus
Floral Ribbons: The Lesser Bear
Bow Ties: Brackish
Bride’s Mom + Dad outfit: Savile Lane, owner Cindy
Transportation: Thomas Limosine 
Cake: Tiffany Bakery


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