2017: My Year In Review

Let’s rewind to 2013 when I graduated college and decided to create an llc.
I was so nervous. I remember sitting in that lawyer’s contemplating my anxiety:
“Networking had to be easier than all this paperwork.”
“Sitting in a typical 9-5 job, with health insurance and a 401K, would be the safest way to grow up.”
“I can work in a cubicle. All I need to do is decorate the walls with photos. It would be fine.”

Unfortunately, I did end up listening to that nonsense. I spent the entire next year networking (yes, I did the resume pushing, the LinkedIn messages, the job fairs, & certifications. I even did the cubicle.),
I survived, I succeeded, but I didn’t fall in love.

It was then I realized finding a job is a lot like dating.
You can’t settle for what you think is safe, or comfortable, or even “right.”
One thing that might be right for the world, might not be the one meant for you.

I realized nothing gave me butterflies as much as photography.
Nothing challenged me as much, or made me as excited to wake up in the morning.
Nothing else made me WANT to sit in front of a computer, sometimes 10 hours at a time.
And truly nothing made me jump up and down & squeal like a little girl.
Plus, I could wear yoga pants! & travel! Why not?! 
So I told myself: just make it work, && if I can’t – I’ll fake it until I make it.

So fast forward years later, and I’m still here.
Still the same human. (The one who, after submitting all the paperwork, laughed at the state of Ohio for spelling my business name wrong TWICE.)
But, I didn’t run.
I didn’t back down when I was told I don’t have a real job.
I didn’t cower when someone said my candid style wouldn’t make it.
I didn’t make myself feel small, instead I learned to grow.

I had no idea my little day-to-day victories would amount to everything 2017 brought me.
I captured 20 weddings this year:
(2 of them had”Kelly’s”, 2 “Rachel’s”, 2 Pat’s, 2 Frank’s, 3 Sarah’s, 2 Lauren’s and 3 Matt’s)
&& 67 portrait sessions:
eleven were in different states!
I also booked 22 weddings for 2018:
In 5 states, and 2 countries.
Putting all of those numbers down on paper makes me swoon.

But this year, I also saw snow capped mountains in June.
Captured myself more than twice in front of my camera.
Read 30 books – of course 7 were Harry Potter, and 3 were Game of Thrones!
Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean and saw the sunrise by the Atlantic.
Attended my first conference in the desert, and was pricked by a cactus.
Watched the sunset in a sunflower field, and had adventures in 15 different cities.
I blogged every wedding I captured, and feel damn good about that.
(ACTUALLY not every wedding. There is one VERY SPECIAL 2017 wedding that hasn’t hit my blog yet, but that is because it was picked up by another blog – more info to come when it’s published 🙂 🙂 ) Yes, I’m looking at you Alex & Jarrod!
& I even walked through 3 pairs of Toms and about 10 different computer glasses.


Maybe 2018 will bring me more oversized mugs and cereal.
Maybe I’ll become a yoga teacher, or just buy more yoga pants.
Maybe I’ll learn to love white chocolate.
Maybe I’ll start a vlog – haha no way, sorry, I’m not ready for that yet.
Maybe I’ll watch the sunrise on a vineyard, or on a black sanded beach.
And maybe just maybe, I’ll continue to love every ounce of this profession.

Whatever it may be, I am entering 2018 with a full heart!
The people in my life and the those whose path’s I crossed this year, keep my dream alive! I am humbled by all the beautiful moments I get to capture every day!
Those perfectly imperfect moments 🙂

Overall, cheers to my fourth year of business, and my third year full time.
Cheers to finishing my 45th wedding and not running off scared.
also, one more:
Cheers to you for still reading this blog (or at least looking at all the pretty pictures!)

I love allllll you little birds! Happy New Year! 

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