Marissa’s Friday Thoughts

This morning I picked up my grandmother for her hair appointment and realized that I mindlessly walked into her kitchen and sat down.
I could not remember my walk from my car to this chair.
It was just instinct. It was natural. It’s what I always did.
I realized, every time I walk into her house, I sit in the same chair in the same way, facing the same direction.


I’ll tell you why.
Growing up Sunday dinners had these silent assigned seats.
We all sat in the same chair around the same table eating the same meal.
So I laughed and thought to myself:
“What would it feel like if I plopped down in another chair?”
So I tried it.
All 5.
&& it was weiiiiiird.
It felt all wrong, and I was extremely out of place.

This kitchen is empty, mind you.
Not a soul in the room, since Grams was getting ready.
Just me floating around the table  sitting in the chairs.
If my grandfather was watching, I know he would laugh at me and think I was insane.

Either way, I had to chuckle because when I sat back down in the original chair
I had that “Ahhh, just right” Three-Little-Bears feeling.

I hear and read (and even write) all these posts about moving and traveling and go go go.
But sometimes you just need that chair, in that spot, in that kitchen to make the world seem simple again.
No planes, or buses.
No deadlines or emails.
No chaos or stress.
Just me in a chair.

What is the point Mariss? Get to the point.

Well truthfully I don’t have one.
Just wanted to say that a chair makes all the difference.
In mood, in lifestyle, in thought.
I mean, it took me a month to find the right office chair, and it didn’t even fit under my desk (so I changed my desk).

Food for your weekend: I hope sometime in your lifetime you find your chair.
You find a place that feels like comfort; that feels like home.

xo – riss

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