Windows on the River, Cleveland, Ohio | Sarah + Anders!

These two had the soul to fill a black-and-white photograph.
If you don’t know what I mean, don’t worry, I am going to explain. I can’t speak for every photographer, but when I make black and white’s I do it for the purpose of feeling something. Because of this, any image that is a black and white has to have a soul. Meaning, that it needs to be perfect without the need of color, in its natural, raw form. The notion is for the image is to be seen with full emotion. That is why I love black and white’s (and why my wedding gallery’s always have more than I expect!)

So Sarah & Anders? Oh golly, yes they had soul! Their wedding filled my Lightroom catalog with soo much emotion. I had a hard time restraining myself when I got home because this day was perfectly them. Even though I only met Anders the day of the wedding – yes, Sarah assured me he was real during every meeting! – I immediately felt as if I had known both of them for years. Plus when I found out Sarah loves tacos && Harry Potter,  that made me want to immediately befriend her for life! But on a more romantic note: The moment I saw them together, it made sense. They were meant to be, in every sense of the phrase. Like two peas in a pod, with hearts filled with laughter, and of course – my favorite word for the night: soul!

Sarah was beautiful from head-to-toe, and that dress!
GAWWWL, that dress. It fit her perfectly!
Speaking of perfect, the socks with their pup’s face on them made an AMAZING groom’s gift (which Anders immediately put on his feet before the ceremony!)
And, a large thank you to the Superman exhibit at the Cleveland Library for being a wonderful monsoon safe haven! (and a fun photo-op!)
The Christmas decor was to die for, and the desserts filled the entire room with smells of sugar! Also the puppy prints on the cake had me tearing up!
Their parent dances were beautifully special and the speeches were so heart-felt
I loved her maids of honor reading their speech if it were a novel (Kudos to the first line of Harry Potter being in it. Yes I’m still geeking out on the inside!)
At the end of the night, I adored capturing these two in the rain. (They were such troopers!) The Cleveland skyline served as one gorgeous back-light, that had me squealing all the way home!

Basically their entire day was the perfect mixture of romance and authenticity. It was truly an immense honor to have these two end my 2017 wedding season!

I can’t wait for you to see some of my favorites! Scroll below! // xo riss


Sarah & Anders’ Vendors:
Photography: Marissa Decker Photography
Ceremony Venue: Hudson United Methodist Church
Reception Venue: Windows on the River, in Cleveland
(also provided: food, linens, Christmas decorations)
Hair/Makeup: New Awakenings Salon in Stow
Dress: Wendy’s Bridal in Dublin, Ohio
Flowers: Baumann’s Florist and Greenhouse
DJ: TKO Entertainment
Cake: Wild Flour Bakery in Rocky River
Donut: Acme

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