Raintree Country Club Wedding, Green, Ohio | Rachael + Paul!

Rachael & Paul are your favorite type of people to hug!
I know that is pretty weird to say, but they truly are! Every meeting we had, they were so giddy and excited (mainly for their wedding), but it made me want to squeeze them!!

Their excitement was for good reason though, because their wedding was BEAUTIFUL!
And in all caps, with bold lettering doesn’t even cover it!

They transformed their venue into a magical, gold and glittery hall. When I walked inside, I literally geeked out for joy.
Everything though. Everything held some magic.
Rachael’s dress was perfect down to the gorgeous lace.
And the gifts they got each other! Oh my! The jewelry box Rachael received from Paul was breathtaking! (So was Paul’s Cleveland jersey of course haha)
Paul’s face while watching Rachael walk down the aisle though. It made everyone around him melt, including me! His tears were of pure joy and anticipation!
They had jaw dropping floral arrangements, a table filled with home made cookies, and those long sparklers you know I love!

Also though, I need to give a huge shout out to Rachael’s mother, who after the wedding, made me the most beautiful gift (with hot cocoa inside!).

But overall, I am enthralled by all the love both of their families showed the entire day. Of course that comes naturally with every wedding, but these two lovebirds were definitely well-cared for!

So go on, scroll below for Rachael & Paul’s gorgeous love! // xo riss







Rachael & Paul’s Vendors: 
Photography: Marissa Decker Photography
Venue: Raintree Country Club
Church: Queen of Heaven Church, in Green
Dress: Mikaella Bridal
Bridal Studio: Ivy Bridal
Hair: Connyx Salon (Leann Ciocca)
Flowers: Nikki’s Perfect Petals
DJ + Videograpy: Beach Boyz Entertainment
Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse
Tablescapes: Miller’s Party Rental


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