How to Combat Feelings of Negativity

Negative feelings, especially when talking about social media, are a constant concern in this day and age. It doesn’t just stop at negativity. I’ve felt: guilt, jealousy, hesitation, and even doubt. All of which lower my self esteem.

I had a recent social media experience that placed extreme jealousy into my heart. I physically felt sick, and immediately put my phone down. My yoga training kicked in as I closed my eyes and tried to make sense of my feelings. I know it’s ridiculously cheesy, but it works.

Stop the task, and feel to understand.
Do not feel to numb, or bury.
That is crucial.
The goal, I was taught, is to learn why your feelings affect you, and what you can do to work with them, not around them.

My feelings of jealousy came from low self esteem in my business. Those “if only” thoughts raced through my head. If only I didn’t take Sundays off, my sessions were cheaper, or I was more vocal on social media.

Doubt created chaos in my mind, and for some reason, where it’s social media’s concern, there are always a slew of opportunities to offer doubt. But what I (and maybe you) need to hear is: there is more than one way to run a business. Processes work differently for different companies, and what may work for you and your life may not for someone else. That can go as far as scheduling on weekends, client experience, or even editing style!

Don’t own a business? This can go for your personal life as well. Nutrition, exercise, or even social agenda differs in every single human!

The guilt that inevitably followed this ordeal reminded me, loudly, that I should be celebrating the success of my fellow colleagues instead of letting jealousy consume me. Recognizing how stressed I had become in that 2 minutes put everything in perspective.

To condense my thoughts, here are five ways to combat those negative feelings:

1. Take a step back from the situation.

2. Close your eyes and name the feeling causing you to think negatively, write it down if that helps.

3. If you find there is more than one feeling, repeat step two.

4. State up to three positive moments in your life right now.

5. Go for a walk, get out of that room, find new air to breathe instead of wallowing in the negative moment.

Hope that helped some, or at least gave you something to read in the middle of your crazy work week!


PS – yes that featured photo at the top is one of my couples (Shannon & Ian) dueling with wands during their Fall engagement session. I’m still obsessed!


Love you kids // xo

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