Life Goals: 2020

I could talk about my business goals until I’m blue in the face, which I find hilarious.
Because growing up it was alllll about the life goals.
College graduate in 4 years
Married by 23
Babies by 27
(while somehow finding time to travel Europe and cultivate a job I loved.)

I’m rounding out my 29th year, and I’ll be real honest: none of that happened, which is why I find this SO funny.

Out of college, my life revolved highly around this beautiful little piece of business I created.
It was my boyfriend at 21, husband by 23, and three babies by 27.

So, a week ago, when I was asked what my “life goals” were, I immediately started listing off business ones:

To capture a wedding at a bucket list destination
To teach and mentor more humans
To create an event where alll of my favorite humans come together to celebrate their love

And I stuttered, because really that has nothing to do with me. Sure, it’s a great big piece of my life, but what are my life goals?! Truly.

So I figured I’d drop a personal post in the midst of my wedding ones, pretending this person asked me again.

Let’s give this a quick, swift kick in the gut and see what comes up:

To be my best self. My first thought was that I want to be happy, but I had to rethink that for a second, because sometimes not being happy is okay too. Sometimes, as I’ve noticed, it’s those moments of pain and challenge that I end up becoming a better version of myself. So my first goal is to be the best version of myself I can be. That includes getting all yogi on you and taking care of not only my body but also my mind. My emotions play an enormous part of how I handle my day-to-day tasks, and even my outlook on life. If I let them dwindle, and don’t listen to what my body needs, I am hindering the ability to be my best self.

To not regret my actions. No. I don’t want to only play it safe. I want to take risks, but I want to own the risk taking. I don’t want to look back with that “regret pang”, because I don’t believe life should have any. At that one moment in my life, I wanted to do whatever I did, and I grew from that. Without that action, I wouldn’t be me, and for that I don’t regret. I’ll live.

To love. I’m talking romantically, platonically, and everything in between. I want to love it all. I want to experience the love of my family and friends. To experience the love from constantly doing something for the first time. The love from successfully completing a challenge. The love of taking a negative surprise and turning it into a positive one. The love of a career and the joys that stem from each days task. The love of cultivating a life I’m proud of and the people I get to share it with.

Sooo your turn! What are your life goals? Do you have any?

Try writing some down – like a bucket list for who you want to become, and how you envision your heart to grow! // xo

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