Six Most Common Wedding Photography FAQ’s

My website’s aim is to give clients as much necessary information as possible to make an informed decision. I want them to know who I am and what I offer without any hesitation.  With that said, some questions slip through again and again, regardless of the couple or the inquiry!

I listed some of the most common questions I receive concerning wedding photography below. Scroll down to read my answers!

How long will it take to receive my images?
My aim is to get you your finished online gallery for proofing at least a month to a month and a half after your wedding. Please note: with my schedule and pending on time during the wedding season, this may take less time than anticipated!

How early do you book weddings?
I tend to book my schedule about a year to a year in a half out. My schedule is first come first serve, meaning if you are the first to inquire on your date, place the deposit, and I feel we would work together well, then you get first dibs! I open my packages on a seasonal basis (Winter/Spring, Summer & Fall). Each is based upon the current wedding climate and the amount of inquiries I receive for a specific date.

Do you like to meet with us before booking?
Yes! Call me old fashion, but I like to see your love story in action. Wedding photographers will be by your side more than your mom on your wedding day. With that said, I need to make sure we click. Working together will be a mixture of personalities and clear understanding. This includes a ton of communication and respect. Even though I would love to capture every single wedding that inquires, sometimes you may be a better fit for another photographer – and that is OKAY! If that is the case I will make sure to get you in contact with photographers who will capture your memories flawlessly.

What if I don’t need an engagement session?
I still ask that we meet so I can capture you two, even if it is a quick mini-session! Working together with a camera in between us is a whole different story, and it helps me get to know you as well as you get used to my style of shooting.

Do you bring a second shooter?
My aim with all of my weddings is to bring a second pair of hands to help me with your ceremony and family portraits. With that said, the seconds I tend to bring have full-time jobs, families, and other photography businesses to run. I do not have a second shooter on staff at all times, making it difficult to say: I guarantee it. The good news is that many photographers bring a second shooter to grab those candids while the main photog captures the staged portraits. With my style of shooting, it is capable for me to grab the entire day solo since I’m already grabbing the candids!

Can you cut the cost of your packages?
I understand how expensive a wedding can be – truly I do. Unfortunately though I do not offer discounts or cut package costs. Other than the cost of me to actually capture your day, each package includes costs to also not only run my business, but also make sure I am able to help you from the moment you inquire, to long after I send you the online gallery. I take great pride in making certain my couples are well-taken care of. Because of this head on over to my investment page and learn why wedding photography is one of the most important pieces of investments you’ll make toward your love story.


There ya have it! My top six most commonly asked questions on wedding photography! There are a slew of others on my on my wedding experience page!

But as always, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email! // xo riss



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