Candid Winter Engagement Sessions

Snow? Freeeezing? Coldness? Ice? ICK!
I am guilty of alllll of these thoughts.

BUT if there is one thing the beautiful winter magic gives us that a summer day cannot, it is a chance for love to shine.

These backdrops though, are to die for.
Especially in NE Ohio.
Our park systems and National Park showcase some of the most beautiful spaces when seen with a fresh coat of snow. That white blanket of beauty makes us “light and airy” photographers’ hearts skip a beat.

So, to all my brave souls who allowed me to capture them while their fingers and toes went numb, I applaud you. You are the true beauty in this post.

Because without you, you KNOW, I would never step foot outside in that cold, bitter weather.
My comfort of a cozy-home-bubble would be the highlight of a cold winter day.

But moving on.
Other than the backdrop beauty, why is it fun to have a winter engagement session?
Yup, you willllll cuddle until your fingers fall off (which they won’t! We will stop long before then!).
But fun, close, cuddling brings out a new side of personalities.
It makes putting your head right in that nook of his neck that much sweeter!
Oh and another BIIIIG plus: You’re not going to sweat!!
We’ll dance, throw snow balls, skate on the ice, frolic on the path, twirl by the trees.
We’ll do everything to keep warm, and that includes cuddling!

I’m not one for props – but I never say no to blankets and scarves and gorgeous winter coats.
Because these sessions are alllll about YOU TWO and being as comfy and cuddly as you can.

Love that Christmas / winter magic? These sessions are for youuu! // xo Mariss



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