Valentine’s Day Special: My 5 Favorite TV Show Romances

HEAD’S UP: I tried super hard to not put in any spoilers, but here is my warning just in case 😉

So, if it wasn’t already apparent  – I loveeee to binge watch TV shows! I also love to watch them over and over again because why the heck not? Being a girl though, the romances keep me going on any TV show. They provide some realistic and unrealistic backbone to every storyline. Because no matter how bitter or negative a person can be, there is just something about tying in a story line that makes them vulnerable and beautiful. And to me that is life! Sooooooooooooooo onto my faves:

1. Psych: Shawn + Juliet
If you want to see a show, annnnnd a love story, and a proposal that will make you literally laugh-cry all the way through, this is it. I’m placing it at the top because (yes I just finished rewatching the series for the third time. but also) I am a huge fan in humor in a love story! HUGE. The funnier, the less scripted-feeling, the better. And this gave me alll those feels! But let’s be real – Gus would most likely be included too.

2. The OC: Seth + Summer
Speaking of humor, these two hold all of my typical teenage romance heart strings. When fights are mixed in with witty comebacks, I’m at a loss for words and in a whirlwind of TV heaven. Plus who doesn’t love Seth Cohen? LIKE COME ON. Thank you Adam Brody.

3. Friends: Monica + Chandler
I know I know, most people would say Rachel and Ross (and don’t get me wrong their love story is great to see unfold), but for the most part these Monica + Chandler hold the cup. Plus I love that the roles are reversed in this relationship, and there are sooo many episodes I would get into but I won’t, because you should just watch it.

4. Sex and the City: Charlotte + Harry
I have a strong love for Charlotte. I love Carrie too but Charlotte and her “flighty-ridiculously-persistent-about-love story line” leads her right to Harry. For that I love watching her never give up on the fact that she is meant to be extraordinarily happy, on all counts. Carrie has this ambition too, which is why I love her as well, but it’s all thanks to Charlotte.

5. Gilmore Girls: Lorelai + Luke
I could watch this series over and over again. This story tugs on ALLLLL of the love feels inside me. I think primarily because you know from that first freaking episode how important this relationship is going to turn. And how that flirtatious tension is meant for so much more than just diner guy and inn girl. So yes to all the backwards baseball caps and cups of freaking, unhealthy coffee.


The Office: Jim + Pam (Every dang wedding I shoot, I think of them and that ceremony entrance!)
Grey’s Anatomy: Derek + Meredith (Still crying sad/happy tears!)
New Girl: Cece + Schmidt (Who is even better for Schmidt? The answer is no one.)
Vampire Diaries: Bonnie + Enzo (I mean, whose heart does not melt?)
HIMYM: Marshall + Lily (all the high-fives, am I right?)
Parks & Rec: April + Andy (the negativity and humor in this entire relationship sparks such a light into my soul)
Gossip Girl: Chuck + Blair (hands down)
Modern Family: Mitch + Cam (HAHA because good lord YES)
GoT: Jon + Dany (don’t hate me haha)

I have a fun game on my Instagram Stories today if you want to vote for your faves 🙂

Happy love day little birds!! xo


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