10 Things About Mariss

TEN things?
Oh dear good golly miss molly. Well here we go:

1. I can’t eat gluten or dairy
YUUP that is right.
In 2014 I photographed a Medical Mission trip in Peru and came back sick as alllllll get out. (Machu Picchu was amazing though!). After 6-months of only being able to eat chicken and rice, I now no longer can digest gluten nor dairy properly. It’s a weird blessing in disguise (although I loved beer!), I now eat much healthier and more mindfully.

2. I am a serious introvert with an extroverted job
SERIOUS introvert alert!
I LOVEEEEEE my alone time.
When I was younger this was definitely a cause for concern. Mainly since I had this thought it was a bad thing to like being alone from time to time. Big crowds definitely make me anxious and I still can’t walk into a basement night club without wanting to internally scream. Now that I’m 28 though and finally feel as if I grew into my Nick Miller old self. Decompressing from capturing weddings or working with kids consists highly of just spending time reading or watching old TV shows.

3. I loveeee puzzles
It’s a new weird thing, and dang I’m excited about it.
Definitely continuing to grow into my old self here.
And if that doesn’t scream “INTROVERT” hahah then I don’t know what does.
I’m shocked at how many lovely humans love them too though – so full onnnnn starting the Puzzle Club ’19! Any and all are welcome to join! Just tag me in your puzzle post! Let’s puzzle together!

4. I feel everything (Emotional Empath here!)
I don’t mean I physically go around and touch everything I see.
I mean I feel ya. I can see your sadness or pain, and relate as much as I possibly can.
I am emotionally driven on my decisions and choices and spend a heck of a lot of time working through my feelings.

5. Chinese food is liiiiiife
Haha I have to laugh because at one point in my life I had three friends surprise me with my exact order of Chinese food since I ordered it so often (and yes, I still hate that they did that).
BUT hey, when you are in the mood to eat something with chopsticks call me – I’m your girl!

6. I re-read the HP series at least twice a year
I know I’ve discussed this before on here, but just to reiterate this series is AMAZING, and I will tell everyone to read it until I die. As I get older and read it over and over again I am always sooo enthralled at how many life themes are throughout the series. Plus there just isn’t anything like JK Rowling and her writing style. It flows with ease and every time I open those books I feel at home.

7. My family gets together for dinner every Sunday
Every single Sunday.
When I was little we would have the full sha-bang of homemade meatballs and sauce, pasta, with bread, pork and a salad. Even through college years, or moving to different states – Sunday dinners, if you were in town, were mandatory. Anyone outside the family was invited to join but only the special ones made the cut.
So you know you made it into my life if I invite you over to a Sunday dinner. Although I must warn you, you better come prepared for loud conversations, a ton of unnecessary gossip, and ready to eat.

8. I played soccer
Hello 6-concussions.
Although only 5 were soccer related.
Anyway, I was a midfielder in grade school and through college.
Which means I ran a total of around 13 miles a game.
And I loved. every. single. second.
I also adored the souls I met at that stage in my life.
Through high-school though, I peaked (best shape of my life right there).
Plus there is just something about getting your aggression out through a contact sport.
Everyone needs to try it!

9. I have one sister
Her name is Jenna.
She is 1/2 an inch taller and the exact opposite of me.
I’m right brained, she is left.
I’m emotionally driven, and she rides a whole lot on logic.
She went to medical school and I received an art degree.
Her hair is blonde and mine is brown.
Haha should I keep going?
When we were younger we fought constantly, but in high-school our relationship shifted and I’m so thankful for it. She is my best friend, sounding board, and first subject in front of my camera.
I love her to pieces!

10. I hate surprises
It’s the introvert inside me that is yelling right now.
I will play it off as maybe they are cool, but I’m freaking out inside.
I feel suffocated and extremely out of my element (especially if I’m watching them happen to someone else!).
It’s a moment when I need a plan on how to react and I don’t have one, so I shut down.
I think this is why I plan so much – especially for this profession.
Wedding days are filled with surprises, but hey if you have back up plans on back up plans, you are never surprised.

Or we can take a note from Littlefinger:
Fight every battle, everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend, every possible series of events is happening all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.

That may be a tad too dark haha, but you get my gist nonetheless! 🙂

Haha well now that talking about my self is over – have a beautiful Monday kids!! // xo

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