“I have 90 children” | Teaching Photography & Working with Kids

I’ve always wanted to teach. It’s been my “plan if I couldn’t figure out a plan” for as long as I can remember. Over the years I went from a heck yes back up plan: college professor to my current love for finger painting and Kindergarten’s ABC’s. Nevertheless my heart has always loved education.

In 2007 I got my first “big-girl”, part-time job. I remember sitting in my high-school Italian class. A friend turned around and asked if I liked being around kids (ranging in ages 5 – 14). If so, she told me I should come work with her. She had a job at our grade school in the after-care program. The same program I attended back in the day. I went in for an interview and started working that month.

Twelve years later and I’m still here. People laugh when I tell them I am a full time photographer who still has her high-school, part-time job :), but it’s been a job that has always felt more than a job.  I’ve worked with over 30 different supervisors, and watched more than 1,000 children graduate. It’s a job that I’d always show up for, even if I could only make the last thirty minutes of the day. Through multiple college courses, internships, full time jobs and now a photography career, working with kids has been my constant. It’s been my sanity in a life of chaos. Which is ironic since the job itself ensues chaos. 

A year ago the school asked me to teach a Photography Career Elective for the seventh and eighth grade students. I immediately said yes and have fallen in love with every second of this extra hour I spend at the school. I am blown away by not only my students enthusiasm for creativity, but also their absolute lust for life. I never gave this generation enough credit, but something about the rise of technology and the lack of bell-bottom jeans has helped the right side of their brain.

My class is revolved around the basics, and then letting them roll with it. Because if I’m being honest, all those Photography courses I took in college didn’t stick until I physically picked up the camera.

We work with still-life photography (mostly food), portraits, movement, editing, composition, and lighting. At the end of the semester they have a showcase, where we print their favorites and put them up for the school to see!

Take a look at some of their work below! I’m one proud mama!

No matter how chaotic my life can get, this job is a true breath of fresh air in my day. I am so happy it fell in my lap all those years ago!

Happy Monday kids! // xo


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