Marissa Decker Photography is on Pinterest!

It’s funny because when I went full time, I viewed Pinterest in a negative light. Not only because of my style of shooting but also when I say I’m on Pinterest, many people assume everything I pin I want re-created. But it is not for re-creation. It is for INSPIRATION.

I don’t pose, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want you to pose (or to re-create a Pinterest pose haha). My goal in every session is to have you BE YOU, and for you to see that that is enough.

So no re-creation, only inspiration.

With that said, over the past 5 years, I’ve relaxed my feel on Pinterest.  I know how influential and necessary this platform is while planning a wedding. There is sooo much information I feel my couples should explore!

Need ideas on reception decor – it’s there.
What about color palates for bridesmaid dresses? Yup.
Maybe just how to get your booty in shape for your wedding day?
OR what to pack for your Hawaii honeymoon?!
IT KNOWS NO BOUNDS. It has legit everything!
It can cover you on every aspect, which is why I want to invite you on!

So what does this mean for future couples? We are helping you even more in the planning process! We have multiple inspirational boards that we feel may help your vision!

Bridal Party Goals
Reception Details Inspiration
Wanderlust (Travel Ideas!)
Candid Bride & Groom Inspiration

So follow along: Marissa Decker Photography

PLUS if one of our weddings ignites a feeling – you can now pin directly from our blog!! Give it a try below! Hover (or click, if you are on a phone) over any photo and pin it directly to your page! 🙂

Happy pinning! // xo Mariss

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