Mapleside Farms, Brunswick, Ohio Wedding | Darcy + Nick!!

“It’s when she walks in that door, and you look at her like it’s the first time you’ve ever seen her.
And your heart drops.
And you are amazed.
And you can’t wait to tell all your friends about this girl.
You can’t wait to tell your mom about this girl!
And you simply say to yourself: ‘This is her. This is the one.’
That’s love.”
Milestone, Jody Kidney & Matt Walden

If you know me really well you know that I listen to songs on repeat while editing photos.
Actually I listen to songs on repeat for pretty much anything.
BUT I was thinking the other day how crazy it is all these different songs take me back to every single session I edit. Not every song fully defines the couple I’m editing – but sometimes, like this wedding, and this repeated song, it hits the nail riiiiight on the head.

So yes, you guessed it – the song above was on repeat while I went through this gallery.
In the beginning of the song there is a short voice over that isn’t sung, it’s just stated as a matter of fact, and I feel it describes Nick and Darcy incredibly.

Because if you know these two you know that they are the perfect mixture of elegance and fun.
You know that their love is unmatched by anyone else.
&& Just by seeing Nick’s face while Darcy walked down the aisle should prove that.
But if you look closer at Nick’s face every single time he sees Darcy, you know.
You know that is love.

They have a bond and a relationship that you just have to see.
&& To be honest I truly hope everyone gets to experience this at some moment in their life.
Because their love is very rare, yet one everyone deserves to feel!

But onto the rest of their amazing milestone of a day:

They had donuts and A FREAKING ICE CREAM TRUCK! *I’m not joking, scroll down kids!*
They had one gorgeous sunset and a bridal party that makes me geek out with excitement.
They have parents whose own love for them is a beautiful testament to how they were raised.
They were wild and tame and excited and giddy: Allll the things that makes a wedding perfection.
AND I have to say they were troopers – because gosh darnit this wedding day was in the middle of an Ohio summer, and it was hotttttt!

Either way I know you want me to shush so you can see the photos. So go on, scroll away.
Enjoy some of my favorites!! // xo riss



Darcy + Nick’s Wedding Vendors

Photography: Marissa Decker Photography
Videography: Eagle Vision Photography & Videography
DJ: Smoov Entertainment
Florist: Pam’s Posies
Invitations: Lovely Something’s
Bridal Dress: The Dress Bridal Boutique in Medina
Mikaella Bride
Ceremony Venue: St. Hilary Church
Reception Venue: Mapleside Farms
Donuts: Peace Love and Little Donuts
Cake: Mary Conti
Ice Cream Truck: East Coast Custard

Catering + Bartender: Taste of Excellence

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