Thoughts From Your Photographer

True Story: my to-do lists are thousands of miles long.

When I jumped into this profession I didn’t realize how much commitment was needed, especially for the non-creative aspects of the job. On a typical day, I wear multiple hats.  They range from business manager, to creative director, networker, editor, website designer, social media strategist, secretary, accountant, human resource rep, client therapist, and copywriter.

And that’s just before lunch.

This does not include the encourager, venue-scout, production manager, fitness motivator, shrink, friend, + family-woman, (and maybe the lazy nutritionist) inside me. Oh and let’s not forget the ‘photographer’ part!


Because I’ll be honest, I’ve gone days where I sit down at my computer and 12 hours fly by.
I forgot to eat lunch + dinner, my website is still a mess, I didn’t work out, and my inbox is yelling at me! But hey, I finished culling + editing that wedding I loved!!

I know I’m not the only person who had a skewed view on what creatives did on a daily basis.

Multiple family members made the comment last weekend that they are shocked I actually sit down and work.  I’m not sure if they meant it as a compliment, or thought I just flit from wedding to wedding like a fairy? Either way, it just proves there are many aspects to this job people don’t see.

I’m rounding my third year as a full-time photographer & I’ve read countless posts on this profession. The pretty, the ugly, the stressful – it’s all out there. But no matter how crazy it gets, I think there is one thing all of us agree on: you don’t become a creative entrepreneur unless you truly love the job.

So no, this is not a complaining post. This is a love-on-my-job post.

Every second of:
wedding vendor hangovers
butt cramps from sitting + editing
replying to your emails
creating website content
writing blog posts
updating Instagram
sending off teaser images
exporting wedding galleries
meeting clients
walking through venues
organizing schedules
hearing love stories
photographing sessions
AND catching up with my own life
is amazing.

There is not one part of this job I find boring.

GRANTED, I could definitely do without the whole calculating expenses part – but if that is the worst then I’d say I’m pretty lucky.


Each day truly has a different creative challenge.
So I’ll end this by saying it’s worth the computer eye-strain and camera-holding hand cramps.
It’s worth living out of a camera bag, and sometimes forgetting to shower until right before a meeting.
It’s worth spending Friday night organizing the next month of weddings to capture.

Oh and a HUGE thank you to all my family + friends for loving me even though my social calendar is ridiculously lame for a 27 year old.
Also, even more gratitude to my clients who wait patiently for email replies + images processed.
I appreciate every single one of you + couldn’t do this job without your love and support!

To that – I wish you all a happy week! 🙂

xo Mariss

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