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Christina and Sam’s Akron Art Museum Wedding Reception is here! If you missed their Akron Art Museum Ceremony from last year, click the link to catch up and see their doodle pups! This short event was still every part grandiose and elegant! I adore this space, especially for how clean the look is. From a […]

Akron Art Museum Wedding Reception, Akron, Ohio | Christina & Sam Part Two

akron art museum wedding reception

March 15, 2022


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Outdoor ceremonies rock my socks! My favorite reasoning for loving them, when the weather cooperates, is the sense of calm they bring. Granted, do not get me wrong, indoor ceremonies are beautiful as well. But, when it comes to fresh air and a cool Fall breeze, how can one ask for more? For example, Christina […]

Akron Art Museum Wedding Ceremony, Akron, Ohio | Christina + Sam

bride and groom golden doodle portraits

July 21, 2021