5 Office Items I Love!

Here we go five actual office items I cannot live without!

iMac 27″ with a trackpad.
This was a game-changer. Editing on a laptop is one thing, but having a larger screen to see all those tiny details is another. The 27″ was a no-brainer once my business was ready for it. Also, since I went years using Apple products, I decided to grab a Bluetooth trackpad instead of a typical mouse. I regret nothing and love every second of it!

Photo of an at home office desk with Apple computer and trackpad

Weekly Planner + Large Year Calendar.
Call me a schoolgirl at heart because the more calendars and planners THE BETTER! Every year I buy a 1canoe2 weekly planner (and also purchased a separate one for my school lesson planning)! This year, I also decided to go bigger and get a 2022 wall calendar from Chez Nunez. Simple, yet completely detailed. My organized self is amazed!

Large 2022 Calendar tacked on the wall
weekly planner from March 2022

Sticky Notes + Fun Notepads (GFDA).
With a Photo-Illustration degree, you’d think I have some fun way of taking notes but truly nothing gives me more excitement than sticky note pads. Two design grads from my college created their own company – which is where I get those “F*ck” notepads. They add a bit of fun to my day!

details of office supplies from at home office

Container Store File Boxes.
From the beginning of my business, files seemed to be a common thing. After purchasing multiple boxes over the years, I settled on Letter Boxes for current year files and the Linen boxes for past years. I also have a safe that houses my USBs and External Hard drives and an array of books, uplifting messages, magazines, and creative outlets along this bookshelf!

bookshelf with multiple levels of books, files, important papers

Computer Glasses.
Headaches still come and go, but for the best Blue Light email/blogging/computer staring (not editing) glasses: I own two. One was purchased from Felix Grays and the other (my grandpa’s glasses) are from Amazon. My to-do list has to finally put my prescription on a pair of Warby Parker blue light glasses and call it a day, but these do just fine for now!

computer glasses detail photo
Of course there are plenty more I could chat about, but let’s limit to five for today 🙂 // xo

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