Wedding Vendor Love Series: Videographers

Update: if you are new here and desire an explanation of what my Wedding Vendor Love Series is allll about – click that link! This week I’m chatting about working with Videographers!

Ahh, the other half to this memory capturing profession of mine! First, I must say THERE IS SO MUCH TALENT in this part of the wedding industry. SO much INSANE talent. The hours of post-work that goes into creating a live motion representation of your wedding astounds me. I know I could talk about how much post work photographers do – but videographers bust their behinds! Not only is there equipment much heavier and larger (usually!) but they have to capture specific moments in certain ways just to tell a story. Hats off also to them, because they are the other half to our spending weeks never leaving a desk editing down HOURS of footage in order to produce a video, anywhere between a 3 – 15 minutes.

My first priority on a wedding day *after saying hiiii to my bride and groom* is to check in with the other vendors. Typically the first one on site (apart from maybe the day of coordinator) is the Videographer. I shake their hand, and I introduce myself and from then on, I aim to stay in complete communication with them throughout the rest of the day. I do this regardless if what I am doing is going to benefit them or not. My approach has and always will be that if you are working together, it is always BETTER than working against each other.

I’ve heard horror stories of these two industries clashing for years. I can understand where it would be hard to be on the same level. But at some point, at the core, my mindset helms from the fact that both of us are here to capture their memories. We are here to serve the client, and make sure they have the best possible day, so we can remind them of it! Luckily, almost every videographer I’ve worked with agrees with me and it’s smooth sailing.

We work together to cultivate natural, beautiful memories for OUR clients to remember. I don’t know any other reason to push me into this industry.

But Marissa – you are highly candid right? So wouldn’t you hate working with videographers? Don’t they make the day much more posed and stiff?
As much as I would love to say that every videographer is also candid, I cannot. There have been many I’ve worked with, but most absolutely set up a shot in order to frame the idea of the story they are telling. I will never have a problem with this. I’m never against a posed picture, but you can best bet that I am clicking even in those in-between moments. I’m capturing my candids even if we are setting up a posed moment.

As I mentioned, I send every vendor the gallery of images, and yes that even includes the Videographers. They put so much heart and soul into this wedding day, and by golly we must celebrate that success!

Scroll for some of my favorite Ohio Videographer vendors! Let’s add these creative souls to your follow list!!

As promised: some awesomely creative video peeps you should check out:

ALC Productions

Mario Micale

Jack Pelini

CM Video

Rock the House

Wedding Stories in Motion


*My list is every growing so if you ever desire a full list of vendors to check out, feel free to email me!*


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