29 Marissa Moments // A 29th Birthday Tribute to Myself

It’s my 29th birthdaaay sooo I figured I’d have some fun highlighting the quirkiest moments that made up the best of these 29 years!
I chatted with some of my closest friends and family and asked them for some help on these “Marissa Moments”. Because, let’s be honest, even though I know the majority of my quirky self, I tend block out the embarrassing ones (haha).

1. We got on the plane to go to Hawaii and I pulled a sock out of my pocket. All I remember is Lizzie looking at me and saying “If that isn’t a Marissa thing then I don’t even know what is.

2. “You speak in Real Life with exclamation points.”

3. I tend to always travel with dry cereal (or if it’s a road trip: expect a full box!).

4. Zoned out listening to songs on repeat in an apartment full of other people in Florence. I vividly remember having to be told “MARISSA can we listen to a different song?!!?”

5. As much as I enjoy traveling, I enjoy counting down the days until I am back in my bed ten times more.

6. “Mostly I just love that as friends we collectively cancel on each other so much that we always exchange Christmas presents in like June.” Hahha I will never not love this, because it is so true.

7. “You watch the extras of every TV show and movie”

8. “How many photos/albums used to be on your Facebook because it was in the tens of thousands.” Oh holy crap, yes because do you remember that time when Facebook only let you put in 200 photos into an album at a time?! My study abroad adventures (to give you an example!) had 23 albums, each with 200 images to highlight every moment of our trip. You do the math haha WAY TOO MANY and that was just 4 months.

9. There are an abundance of water bottles in my car. I don’t know when that started, but if you ever need water – I got you!

10. I definitely have a thing about pens. And I definitely “SILENTLY take a certain pen to do sign in” when school starts and I’m with all my kids.

11. Trying to defrost chicken in high school, and had to call my aunt to ask if it was meat or poultry per the microwave’s buttons … wellllllp.

12. I used to get so tongue-tied leaving voicemails for my student’s parents that I would end up saying things like “Can’t wait to see you” or “Thanks so much for chatting with me” before I hung up.

13. For some reason 90% of my self portraits end up with my hair falling in front of the right side of my face. So I’m basically a one-eyed photographer.

14.  In Kindergarten my best friend told me we should share grapes since we had the same blood type. We did not have the same blood type, but of course I believed her, sooo there went half my grapes!

15. “You sing and dance and don’t care! And I love that!” Haha I always find the need to bring myself back down to a 5-year-old Gotta be a little wacky!

16. “How you always have 1537 hair ties on your water bottle for god knows what reason lol.” hahahhaa you never know when you need a hair tie!!

17. I play music really quietly in the background of every session, just in case it gets awkwardly silent.

18. “You wear socks with sandals” Yes, yes yes yesss I dooooo.

19. “Your calendar is usually filled with doodles more than actual things to do.” Calendars = doodling. Post it’s = things to doo (makes sense to me! haha)

20. “You’ve watched HP more times than probably any human” Speaking of, today that is on my to do list!

21. If someone is in my dream, I text them the next day just to say hiii. I’m one of those weird believers in subconsciousness.

22. “You used to close your bedroom door when the cleaning lady would come so you wouldn’t get yelled at for having a messy room.”

23. “If you are holding a pen you will write your name a thousand times.” (Well it’s weird if you write another person’s name!)

24. My childhood consisted of so many detrimental bowl cuts that since then my hair has always touched my shoulders.

25. “You text each thought as a separate message.” Yes I do not feel sorry about this. Expect it if you ever text me!

26. “When you get embarrassed you put your head in your face.”

27. “You thoroughly enjoy silence and alone time” Yes, that I do. I feel invigorated when I get to have an evening all to myself.

28. “You order hot water instead of coffee.” Sometimes caffeine is just too much for me!

29. “You sit in at restaurants cross legged” and really any chair. Just trying to be as comfy as possible!


Welp, there ya go. Some insight about my little ole self, from me and my favorite people. Haha. If anything I hope my quirky moments made you smile! 🙂 // Happy day lovebugs!

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