TAKE THE SELFIE! | A Photographer’s Ode to Portraits

I’ve got a bone to pick with you people. I understand that selfies have a bad rap.
I get it – dang youths – just taking it way too far sometimes!  (Said in Schmidt’s voice)

But what happens when we define a selfie as a snapshot in your life.
As a memory of what you looked like – of what you felt like.
Overlooking the duck lips or the booty-pop.
It now is about growth.
Crazy right?

I’ve had so many questions over the years as to why I take my own portraits.
(“selfies” as we’ll call them)
And honestly?
Half is because I’m still super awkward in front of the camera
&& the other half is because I like that RAW this is me snap.
I’m not in a field with flowers, or on a famous centuries old bridge.
I’m on the floor of my sister’s old bedroom with a camera and a tripod.
To remember.

What does stress look like on my face in May versus October?
What does laughter feel like once the holidays come around?
Are the lines on my face fading or digging in deeper?
Am I more comfortable in my skin, or more insecure?
What makes my smile widen the most?
Do I look older? Younger? Crazy? Calm?
What thought made my face soften?
What moment made me look that way?

SO many things can change from year to year – let alone from season to season.
And I feel like it should be okay to WANT to remember.
Remember how far we’ve come, embracing every change;
Every scar;
Every faded hair and pound of love;
Every single thing deserves to be captured.

So a couple times a year I sit down in front of my camera and give it a go.
I prep my sessions with chocolate and some awesome music and give myself 20 minutes.

So .. here I am in October  –  and I’m kinda feelin’ the soft smile kids. // xo



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