Photog’s Life: How to Stay Entertained While Backing Up Photos

Hiiiii friends!

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while, or at least over a weekend, you’ll know that when I have a wedding I immediately go home and back up the images. During this time, I have accomplished an array of activities that keep me from falling asleep at my computer (although one option is to actually nap).

As a photographer, it is extremely hard to keep yourself stimulated after a 10-12 hour day. I mean I get home, immediately take off the running shorts that were under my potato dress and that pesky annoying bra, already feeling the full effect of a wedding photographer’s hangover (yes, this is real). All I want to do is fall onto my bed. But instead, I sit down, plug everything in and click import. ANNND we (the collective of photographers who are with me in spirit) all wait. We wait for that tiny bar of progress to fully finish for each card. Because what comes after the import is the editing of teasers, WHICH makes up for the wait!

So instead of staring at this progress bar, I’ve come up with ways to keep myself entertained. Some are obvious: such as watching a movie, but others – welllll let’s just say building a fort is freaking awesome, and organizing your DVD collection based on cover color is pretty time consuming. I have successfully attempted all of these over the past five years, and feel confident in telling you that PB on pineapple, and pickles with ice cream are disgusting. Also, yes I played Fortnite, and yes I didn’t die right away. Just sayyyyin’, cause my students were proud.

🙂 SO if you’re bored, or just need some new ideas of how to keep yourself entertained read on my friend. Read on.

1. Eat, anything

2. Stretch

3. Re-edit old weddings

4. Text people who are asleep

5. Balance Chocolate on your nose

6. Video tape yourself for ridiculous Instagram stories

7. Watch an entire season of New Girl

8. Actually, watch an entire season of anything

9. Chug water, out of a bottle

10. Have a dance party

11. Take a nap

12. Make a list

13. Pay your bills

14. Make a smoothie then put chocolate in it

15. Take a shower

16. Design a Magazine

17. Color an entire paper with one marker

18. Blow up 15 balloons

19. Bake a cake

20. Eat only the red skittles

21. Eat all the cookie dough bites out of your pint of ice cream, leaving just a tub of vanilla

22. Learn how to speak Dothraki

23. Google the ending to a terrible movie so you don’t have to watch it

24. Watch said terrible movie anyway

25. Lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling

26. Count how many steps it is from your chair to the fridge, the front door, your bed, etc

27. Read a book

28. Design a new page for your website

29. Color coordinate your DVD’s

30. Plan a trip, or two trips

31. Take off the freaking bra

32. Make as many awkward faces as you can in 15 seconds

33. Tell someone, anyone you love them

34. Workout

35. Clean up your desk

36. Facebook creep on yourself

37. Put on all the socks you own

38. Build a fort

39. Lay on a bed of only pillows

40. Scroll mindlessly through Instagram

41. Open your old AIM profile

42. Listen to one song on repeat until you know all the lyrics.

43. Research why there is no 13th floor in Hotels

44. Look through an old yearbook

45. Buy bubble wrap – then pop!

46. Meditate

47. Clean out your closet

48. Pack for a trip you aren’t going on

49. Sing the ABC’s backwards

50. Accomplish a headstand

51. Write a letter to someone, about anything

52. Paint every other fingernail a different color

53. Plan out your Instagram for the week

54. Actually do work

55. Fact check all the GoT theories

56. Write your name alllll over a piece of paper

57. Doodle the first chapter of Harry Potter

58. Watch Harry Potter

59. Finish a puzzle

60. Paint a picture

61. Open a bottle of wine

62. Let said bottle of wine breathe, because that is what real wino’s do.

63. Come up with a name for your band, if you were in a band

64. Watch whatever is playing two channels down from the channel your TV is on

65. Learn to love kale

66. Try PB on everything (even pineapple)

67. Use a picke as a spoon.

68. Play desert island only using the items within 5 feet of you

69. Mapquest how close the ocean is to your home

70. Sign up for a half-marathon

71. Change the name of your dog for an hour

72. Play solitare

73. Download Fortnite and become so good at it that your students hate you

74. Learn how to make an old fashioned

75. Make a tower of post-it notes



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