How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session!

So, you scheduled an engagement session? YAY! You should know off the bat, that I am SUPER excited! Engagements are my favorite.


I allow my couples to choose the location!
This gives me a bit of insight into who you are. Do you want it at a baseball field? In the middle of a city? In a National Park? On a snowy mountain? With sand between your toes?
No amount of distance is too far. I LOVE traveling! So think of any and all locations that mean something to you or a spot you wish to see, and let’s plan it!



Apart from location, I explain that I only capture these sessions around sunrise or an hour before sunset. The light is BEST during this time. Sometimes, it even brings pink and orange hues or even fog!



Also, any weather will do (as long as it is not a monsoon of rain or a windy snow storm)!
My gear is waterproof so if it is raining, and you are willing to get wet, let’s do it! If the sun is behind a thick layer of clouds: game still on! The clouds create a muted, natural light – which is GORGEOUS (and one I prefer!) Snow is also beautiful and photogenic when it is nice, white, and clean! Though, of course, it can feel cold if you decide to frolic or build a snowman!



Real question, and one I’ve been asked a thousand times:
How do we prep for the session?
My answer is please don’t prep!



Don’t overthink the clothes.
Sometimes you may feel the urge to skip or jump on each other. Other times you might want to throw some snowballs or twirl around. Whatever you wear, make sure it allows you to move and makes you comfortable!

Don’t overthink the session.
Arrive with the mindset that it is just any normal date, (that I seem to be crashing). I’ll tell you right now, it’s going to start off awkward. Having a camera in front of your face, if you haven’t before, is weird. But I’m here to help you feel as comfortable as possible!

Don’t overthink yourself.
Being yourself allows me to let me capture the best photos possible! 
So hug each other the way you hug. Kiss the way you kiss. Walk the way you walk. && Cuddle the way it feels right. Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel natural to you!



‘Weird’ things I’ll say during the session:

1. You don’t have to look at me, you can look at each other!

Wait? Don’t look at the photographer? Correct! Looking at each other gets rid of the “camera in my face” awkwardness. Granted, yes I will make sure to grab one or two with you looking in my direction for mom and pop, but for the majority of the session you will be looking at your significant other. Directing your eyeballs toward someone other than this ‘black box thing’, allows you to relax into your normal self.



2. Shake it out. Shake out your shoulders, your arms, your fingers & your toes!

This gets your blood moving, and rid of a typical stiff, camera pose! Plus it always feels fun to shake and squirm a little! 


3. OH MY GOSH, you two are PERFECT! Good job guys!!

I’ll squeal, and dance around as I say it. It might sound weird to be complimented for standing by a tree, or hugging each other, but I promise: you guys are doing such a beautiful job.


I truly adore witnessing your love! So thank you in advance for honoring me. I can’t wait!!

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