Firestone Country Club Wedding, Akron, Ohio | Serafina + Kerrigan!

Wellllp, I’m sitting here unsure of where to begin with this one guys.
This girl, who has been a part of my family since the years of bowl haircuts and missing front teeth, is married!

Remember those Disney princess stories? How the love grows from the moment they meet, or lock eyes, or lose a shoe? && the part about how the prince cares immensely for her, filling her with happiness? Well, Serafina & Kerrigan embody that pure, beautiful love that feels as innocent as Cinderella (without the crazy step-sisters).
Plus, I’d say a relationship, that has lasted 10 years through multiple cities, degrees, and state lines, is a magical one at that.

If you’ve been with me over the past year and a half you have probably seen their engagement somewhere on social media. Kerrigan was the one who planned this amazing destination proposal on the edge of the Empire Bluffs in Michigan! That weekend was filled with so much magic, love and happy tears! Even though I adored witnessing that monumental moment, their wedding was even more magical and lovely!!

The big day held allllllll the love:
They had an entire table of gorgeous home-made cookies and a confetti cake!
The venue was jam packed with their beautifully large family and close friends.
The little bit of misty rain we encountered created the perfect cloudy sky.
&& because this bridal party was THIS bridal party, our portraits were filled with “dead fishing” (?? not certain that is the correct term haha), golf-cart driving, obnoxious laughing, and tons of beautiful moments!
The dance floor had everyone from grandparents to little nuggets.
They even had those extra long sparklers (thank you!) and Swenson’s as they exited.
It was the party to be in attendance, and an honor to capture!

I know the amount of photos in this post is entirely too many, but I can’t help myself. My “little sister” is married to the most amazing guy. I couldn’t be happier!

Enjoy! // All my love, riss


Sera & Kerrigan’s Vendors:

Photography: Marissa Decker Photography
Videographer: Mario Micale
Robes: Etsy shop Totallybrides
Hair and Makeup: Bella Bronze Studios
Dress and Veil: Elyse’s Boutique
Bridal Shoes: Alex Marie
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie
Cookies: Karen Congeni with help from Terri Schneider, Margaret Markowski, Tami Stamets, Ginny Dickos, Susan Straus and Patti and Jack Pelini
Cake: Sweet Mary’s Bakery with flowers from Pink Petals
Groom’s Cake: Sweet Mary’s Bakery

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