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Thanks so much for Wanting our Digital Magazine!

Our Spring 2018 issue is the very first issue of mdp's digital mag. 

We put some heart and soul, and a lotta fun inside this  issue! 
Just to give you an idea of what is included:

Why a magazine?
Short version: I'm in love with InDesign. Being primarily a photographer, I needed to find a solid reason to purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription of a non-photo-editing software.

Long Version: I've always had this dream to write a book and maybe one day I actually will. I thoroughly love sharing my story and process in hopes it helps someone find theirs!

For the past year I've had an itch for more creative outlets. I toyed with emails, but my soft-spoken soul wasn't ready to pop into an inbox on a regular basis. Hii, introvert  over here!

What was left?
Just updating social media?
Nah. I had an idea to create a wedding magazine for my 2019 brides.
Then it snowballed.

Why not create a magazine that allows me to touch base with all my past and future clients, or even just update friends and family of my adventures?

I will chat about some of my favorite weddings (even though they are all my faves!), some nifty tricks I've learned about wedding planning, and even just answer some of the most common photographer questions I receive.
So here we are.
The first issue!
My soft-spoken soul and I hope you love it.