So, you want know more about me?

When I was in my early 20's, I used photography to document everything. Yes, I was that annoying friend at the dinner table taking pictures of her meal. A few years after I graduated college, I shifted my lens to people. It helped lessen my instinct to rush from one chapter to the next. By focusing on emotion rather than static posing, I quickly fell in love with happiness; how movement held a better description of personality; and how allowing people to be themselves opened an entirely new door to capturing memories.

Since then, I decided to focus solely on photographing people as they are, making those in-between moments a priority.
There is so much more love, light, and warmth than I could ever imagine!

I listen to songs on repeat while I edit.
I live in yoga pants & headbands.
Any brand of cereal is my weakness. 
Currently (re)watching: Game of Thrones & Gilmore Girls. 
I read the HP series at least twice, every year.
Oversized mugs are better than bowls: hands down.
My family & friends are the greatest group of humans I know.

Other Fun Facts!